Sunday, 3 October 2010

Everyone was older than me...

or were they??

Last night I went to see Simply Red at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and they were just as amazing as I hoped. I have some great video clips, but seeing as we weren't supposed to even have cameras there, I probably shouldn't share. Husband and I were commenting to each other about the fact that there were a lot of 'older' people in the audience. Then it hit me.... these 'older' people were my generation - my age!! Where did the last 20 years go, who stole them from me?

On another note, it's sport crazy here at the moment. The re-match of the AFL (Australian Football League or Aussie Rules) premiership final was played today. They played last weekend in front of 100,000 fans and drew, so the poor players had to do it all again a week later. The NRL (National Rugby League) finals are also happening tomorrow. I'm more of a rugby union girl - something to do with being Welsh I think ; ) ?

At the moment I'm watching the Ryder Cup on telly. Now I know next to nothing about golf, but it's being played in Wales, at the Celtic Manor. I remember taking Sibs there for morning tea on our trips from Yorkshire to Wales when she was a baby and we made a special trip there during our holiday in June/July this year. I can't locate any photos of the Celtic Manor, so here is a of shot of Sibs wearing a gorgeous top that I bought there!

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