Friday, 29 October 2010

A favourite morning place at home

I have many 'favourite' spots at home depending on the time of day and what it is I'm doing. First thing in the morning this is my favourite spot. The sun streams through the floor to ceiling window and casts a lovely golden glow into the room. This was taken at about 7am. (I hope the neighbours were already awake!)

It's also a great spot for a winter morning coffee in the sun looking out into the side garden. I'll often find either cat having a sly sleepy sunbathe on the arm of the chair.

However.....this is what it's been looking like most evenings these last couple of weeks! 


I have now found a solution for coping with the dust -
                                            Step 1  remove contact lenses
                                            Step 2  do not put on glasses
                                            Step 3  dim the lights and pour a glass of chilled wine...

Happy Friday,
Happy Halloween

(In Welsh, Halloween is referred to as nos galan gaeaf.
This roughly translates to ' night before the first day of Winter',
- maybe not so appropriate down under?)

5 Comments and thoughts:

  1. That is a lovely spot! I like dust solution. It is nice to be lazy sometimes. Happy weekend, Kellie xx

  2. Great photo of your daughter. I like #3 tip for coping with dust. You should start a book '50 ways to cope with renovating'.

  3. Hilarious!... love all suggestions ... and your weekends sound so perfect! Love the photo of the violinist. I am one too. Beautiful music stand.. so important to have a nice stand! A-M xx

  4. Love the dust idea + wine - very creative!

    Welsh seems like an interesting language - do you think it is difficult to learn as an outsider?

  5. Laura, Welsh is my mother tounge, so it's difficult to comment. However, many non- welsh speakers master the language. Pop over the border for a visit!

    A-M I guess you recognize the music stand??

    I'm glad tip #3 was appreciated...