Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A magical moment

Today I had one of those magical moments - I surprised my lovely little girl by turning up at school unexpectedly. The story actually started two weeks ago...

School has an edible garden where the children get the opportunity to plant, cultivate, pick and even cook the food that is grown. Two weeks ago her class had planned a market day to sell some of the produce. It was a work day for me with some things that I couldn't change so husband managed to organise to go. Anyway, the rain came, the market day was postponed and that was that. Yesterday, Sibs asked if we could go to school today day was happening. We looked through diaries and patiently explained that it was a work day and we couldn't make it. Oh the challenges of balancing the different demands of life!

Later on last night the (rather dramatic) conversation went something like this -
"this is the worst day of my life!"
"why do you say that?"
"X doesn't want to be my best friend, and we went to my ballet lesson and didn't realise that it had been cancelled and you can't make it to school tomorrow"

My heart broke for her.

Some head scratching planning later and husband said he would try his very best to get to school, but we didn't tell her, just in case.

So I'm at work this morning and an appointment finishes earlier than expected and the next one gets cancelled so I find myself with a spare hour.....quick, I can get to school! Jump in the car, almost run over husband who is on the way to the car at exactly the same moment having left a meeting early. We make it just in time to see a beaming little girl who gives us a hug and grins "you said you couldn't come". Priceless.

Forty five minutes later I'm back at my desk, ready for anything!

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. That is magic personified, Bethan! What a great mum. J x

  2. How special and lucky you could make it. I was starting to feel bad for Sibs with all that had gone wrong. Big stuff in a kids world. I can cope with my kids physical pain, and console that, but find it so heart breaking when it's the emotional pain stuff. Tricky business this Mummy job. :)

  3. These are the important things in life. I got goosebumps reading this. A-M xx