Thursday, 21 October 2010

Flowers and food

These photos are especially for my UK friends. Look at these amazing flowers...from the garden. OK not quite from my garden, the rain has drowned the few spectacular flowers I had, but from a friend's place.

Hippeastrums (I had to go and check on Raine and Sage blog to remember the name)

 We looked after two gorgeous little girls last Friday night when our friends went to a wedding in Noosa, and were given these Hippeastrums as a thank you. (I also got some tasty cheeses and yummy choccies but there's not much left to show you. Wait on, just found one lonely little chocolate left (must have missed that one...!)

Talking of food....

It was a bit of an old mother Hubbard's pantry at home this evening. There was very limited resources to make some tea as Sibs and I are flying down to Sydney in the morning to join husband who is working there this week.  I considered eating out and mentioned that I had a few chores to do first. Whilst I was away from the kitchen Sibs took control and decided to make something to eat - and this is what she came up with. Quite inventive? Only problem was - there was only one plate...strategically placed in front of her!

So I'll (hungrily) sign off tonight with a photo of some flowers from my garden. As a complete coincidence I read a blog this morning Raine and Sage about some Hipp...whatever they're called...Hippeastrums and lavender in Raine and Sage's house today, and I have exactly the same....even down to the jam jar vase!

Happy weekend - mine starts early this week. x

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Have fun in Sydney! Those flowers are amazing... my garden is full bloom with chysanthemums at the moment. They look beautiful, but I know they are the precursor to the cold winter ahead... Lx

  2. What great taste we have, so much in common as I referred to my pantry the same way this week. Have a great time in Sydney. I'm off camping for 5 days, so hopefully we have lot's of sunshine. Aren't we lucky that we have lavender and summer! :)

  3. The flowers are lovely! Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx