Monday, 25 October 2010

We packed so much into our weekend in Sydney

Last Friday Sibs and I escaped the dust storm bathroom renovations and flew down to Sydney. Husband had 'rather conveniently' escaped a few days earlier to a conference, so we went to join him. This is what we got up to...

* we waved good morning to Brisbane from the air

* we got on a double decker train to the city and got a bit confused with left and right and couldn't find our apartment! How was I supposed to know that Wynyard station had more than one exit?!

* we ate a sushi lunch before exploring the streets of Sydney and Sibs learnt to "look up" to appreciate the buildings. We did have to "look down" at times as we began to bump into people and things!

* we got a bit scared at the Hyde Park Barracks where we researched the Welsh convicts and played 'Catch a Convict' - we caught Robert Bantin and got a print out of his story.

* we walked through the gardens and met husband for a bite to eat. (Didn't recognise him in his 'work clothes'...he looked very smart)

* we ordered room service and sat and ate it on the sofa in our robes watching '16 wishes' and we enjoyed it with chocolate and fizzy pop.

* we got up late and wandered some more and had THE BEST hot chocolate and iced chocolate at the Lindt Cafe in Martin's Place

* we bought some street art from a man who only used 25c bic biros to draw with

* we went to the hospital and made a donation and rubbed the hog's nose to make a wish that we kept a secret

* we went to St Mary's Cathedral and our shoes squeaked so much that we ended up on tiptoe! We bought a Christmas decoration in the cathedral shop

* we watched a wedding go past with the princess (bride) in the sparkliest gown we have ever seen

* we spent hours in the Australian Museum touching and learning. Sibs pricked her finger on the spines of an ecchidna and had to get First Aid - all very exciting. We got up close and personal with the dinosaurs and spent a very long time helping to pick out stick insect eggs from stick insect....poo! We had to buy a brolly from the museum shop

* we went to China Town for dinner and did some evening shopping and made eyes at each other when we spotted the high heels and short skirts of the girls out on a Saturday night

* we woke to more rain on Sunday but that didn't stop us going to the Opera House for the Open Day, where we did and saw soooo much; we walked every inch of the place - the stage, the green room, wardrobe, behind stage rehearsal rooms, what a great experience

* we taxied to the airport, relaxed, played charades, had a little rest, and arrived home with a sack full of memories of a truly wonderful weekend.

Good-morning Brisbane

Being a convict lady at The Barracks

One of the many food stops...



there are eggs amongst the poo...somewhere!
first aid needed after this - there was blood!
getting close to the dinosaurs

a touch of evening shopping

The Best hot chocolate ever!

a rainy Sunday at the Opera House

on the Concert Hall stage

behind stage rehearsal room

drumming workshop and performance

nearly home...



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  1. Wow! You packed a lot into such a short time, Bethan. I agree - the Lindt Cafe's hot chocolate is to die for. Something I really miss down here. Joshua adores visiting the Australian Museum to see the dinosaurs. Thanks for commenting on my blog today. J x