Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Who's a pretty boy then?

This mean looking thing is a cane toad. When I came home from Yogalates last night there were a few of them having a bit of a party in the rain just outside our garage. They were introduced to Australia to get rid of some beetle or other and apparently that didn't work and they just bred like crazy and are now considered a pest. I know people don't like them and are trying to stop the growth in numbers, but I just couldn't bring myself to squish them! They're pretty big...ugly, but big.
This rain is looking like it could be easing off a touch. Husband and I were having a bit of a chuckle the other morning at how incensed we were it was raining in Brisbane in Spring. How the memory has faded of day, after week, after month of cold, wet (did I say cold? I meant freezing) rain in the UK. I think we had started to take the sunshine for granted.

On another note, congratulations to Wales on winning their first Delhi games gold - llongyfarchiadau Dai Greene. Yes I know Australia has 64 gold, but as my little Sibs would say "you don't need to win, but you have to try".

Off now to try and think of a way of drying school uniform without a tumble dryer.

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  1. I like a bit of a drizzle but not the freezing part. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx