Thursday, 11 November 2010

Appreciating springtime - part 2

A little while ago I wrote about Appreciating Springtime - part 1 (you can read it here). Having a "part 1" after a post title sort of ties you to a "part 2"....?  Well....since then it's rained, and then rained some more, and instead of taking photos of springtime and bringing out the fans and testing the air con, we've been wearing cardigans of all things!!
Anyhow, this week I think things are finally on the turn and I can now do part 2 to my Appreciating Springtime post and show you some Aussie spring things!

On Sunday, we went for a stroll to Roma Street Parkland.
The flowers were just glorious in the park, so I took a few shots. They even had floating flower displays.

some of the Spring colours at Roma Street Park, Brisbane

Wait for it......I saw my first living snake!?! I was very brave and didn't run screaming to the hills! In fact I can't believe that I actually took a photo before it slithered away... yuck!

There were countless water dragons and lizards at the park - they were around every corner. One poor chappie had half a tail, maybe an unfortunate accident with a biker? (Not Sibs, I hasten to add!)

Roma Street Park, Brisbane

It's a crazy, busy time this week. Sibs is performing at QPAC in a ballet - Dancelot.  It's all terribly exciting...she's swanning around the house like a true diva! I will post about it when I have a minute to spare. This post has taken me nearly a week! I've just been catching a spare moment here and there.

I'll finish with some shots of jacarandas that we pass on our walk to school. They are just starting to drop now...which must mean that Summer is nearly here.
this is the 'witches broom' tree - the bit that sticks out to
the right?

4 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Roma St Parklands are beautiful and fantastic with kids. Not realised there was so much wildlife. You were very brave for a Welsh girl with that snake. The Jacarandas are just spectacular I agree. Performing at QPAC will be memorable for Sibs, how special.

  2. Jacarandas are so beautiful, especially the colour. As long as they are in someone elses garden :) because of the petals falling like purple snow. x jeanette

  3. Blodau a coed bendigedig Bethan. Bouganvillea sydd dros Singapore, dim arall mewn ffordd, falle achos bod dim gaeaf.
    Lluniau gret!

  4. These are gorgeous pictures! Lizards and a snake? You are so brave! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx