Sunday, 14 November 2010

End of a busy busy few weeks

 It's been pretty hectic in our house this last few weeks. As I think I mentioned, Sibs has been performing at QPAC with her dance school. The performances were Thursday and Friday evening and Saturday matinee and evening. It's been a thrilling ride! We had to get super organised and there have been lists galore...It started with notes on paper and quickly progressed to cupboard doors - (I hid all the permanent markers!!) Getting Sibs to write her own list really helped her to take some responsibility and she loved checking and double checking that she had the things needed.

life of a ballerina!

We have a weekly planner to remind us of who's where and when....Remember the post here about only holding eight things in your brain??...(Hats off to those with big families by the way.) Anyway, I noticed that at some point in the week little Sibs had written relax in the Sunday box for us all.
So after husband returned from a silly o'clock run up a mountain for Movember, we indulged in a relaxing day. (I'll try and persuade him to let me show a photo of his moustache for Movember.) 
relaxing on Sunday
 Sibs and I baked some cupcakes and chocolate brownies; we watched some pre-recorded rugby....enough said about the Wales v South Africa game OK? Then the weather was warm enough for a swim before an early tea - lovely.

All is now quiet except the hum of the laptop and the odd funny snore from one of the cats! I was going to spend 5 minutes just writing a short post tonight, but.....the very lovely and generous Jane from Life on planet baby posted about some of the photo packages  (picnik and Big Huge labs) that she has been using on her blog, and well, I've been having some fun with creating mosaics and sets of photos. I think I need a full day to get to grips with all the different tools out there, there's SO much to learn.

So the cupboard doors have been wiped clean, and we're back to some kind of normal next week.
Hope everyone had a great weekend. x

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. oh honey....thanks to jane...and your've relaxed and now you are photo creating!!

    our gals are at dance school and with christmas coming up it all gets a little mad doesn't it....hope she loved it all!

    melissa x

  2. Oh, Bethan, you sweetie! I just found this. Bravo you for creating your first mosaics! It's so much fun - be careful or it'll turn into a huge timewaster. Been there ☺. I look forward to seeing your creativity flourish. J x

  3. You are so smart to have your daughter make her own lists and check them off!

    Love the mosaics. I haven't heard of Big Huge Labs - I'm off to check it out :)
    XO L