Sunday, 21 November 2010

My weekend

This weekend I missed my girl.

On Saturday morning I waved goodbye to husband and daughter as they were going to the beach for the day. In my wisdom, I had decided to stay at home and potter and clean up the bathroom renovation and pool fence work. (I'll take some photos and share soon.) Now everyone thinks that being in Australia we all head to the beach at any opportunity. I have a confession.....I don't like the beach. OK now that I've said it I might as well be really honest....I hate the beach and will use any excuse not to go - even cleaning on a Saturday! All that sand and salt - it just reminds me of being a child down the beaches on the Gower peninsula in South Wales, with warm orange squash and soggy cucumber sandwiches.
Now usually I relish the peace and quiet and love my 'me time', but this weekend I didn't. To make it worse they were having such a good time that they sent a text (!) to tell me that they had decided to stay overnight. My good-night telephone call was a bit teary as a tired little Sibs told me that she was missing me and that her eye was sore and she needed me to kiss it better... Apparently, two minutes after the phone call all was well again, at least with her - I was the emotional one.

breakfast this morning at the beach shack
it's not always sunny in Aus...

They were home early and we sat over morning coffee and pain au chocolat and she told me all the fun things that she had done with her cousin and dobbed her Dad in over a few things! Some stories I didn't really want to know about...!

We then had a family Sunday at home. A spot of d-i-y, some preparation for the arrival of the grandparents this week, a quick tidy up, steak for tea and early bed for a little girl.

It was certainly a case of 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'.
Oh, I missed husband a bit too!!

4 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Oh, Bethan! I am not a beach lover, either. Mr PB is. Hmm, maybe opposites do attract. Ah, pain au chocolat - I'm coming over to your place! J x

  2. Na finne cwaeth. Tywod ymhobman a'r sylw am y squash a'r sandwiches mor wir :)

  3. Sometimes it's good to miss each other I think. Not to mention a scarce commodity called 'me time'. Even if cleaning was involved! :) Congratulations on winning Jenny's prize. How lovely! Have a great week.
    PS - Yes still fence gazing I'm afraid!

  4. I had to admit to a few that I didn't like camping while living in Colorado - gasp!

    Looked like a nice relaxing weekend for you ;)