Wednesday, 24 November 2010


shells used to be "pretty"
now they're "awesome"
 I've recently been observing a bit of a change in the language, phrases and words that my little Sibs is using. She seems to be at that age where she is becoming more and more influenced by her peers. Just this week I've heard her say -

 "that's wicked"  "that's sweet"   "no offence"      
 I've also had a bit of a smile when she chats to her friends and they refer to everything as "cool" or “awesome” and to each other as "dude"! 

(...please stop growing up so quickly...)

Anyway, it's slowly dawned on me that we have moved out of one phase where she mispronounces words and into a phase were she uses words that are "hip" and "happening".

Here are some words that we as a family still knowingly mispronounce, just because....well, just because!

mazagine , vallina , upposed to, definikely, square word   (swear word)

I have caught myself using 'mazagine' and 'vallina ice cream' quite a few times, and then having to explain that it's a family thing... but I like the fact that we have our own words for things.

Anyone else have any quirky 'family' words?

Being bilingual I also find myself using a welsh word occasionally in the middle of an English conversation. Sibs and I have completely bilingual conversations - I speak Welsh to her and she replies in English. The fact that she replies means that she must understand all that I say...?
It was just wonderful to see her during our recent trip to Wales, playing with other Welsh speaking children and conversing using this bilingual method. I wonder how long this will continue as her exposure to the Welsh language is limited to me, Gu (grandma) and the occasional telling off that she gives to the cats. (Confession time - to get her to try and speak the language, I told her that the cats only understand Welsh!!)

Children have such a natural acceptance...

tan tro nesa'
until next time

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Oh this is sweet and sad at the same time. Such is growing up. Most certainly relate to having in house family jokes and funny misuse of words. Lami for instance(salami). :)

  2. I love your square word- adorable! We still use 'compeller' instead of 'propeller'.