Friday, 26 November 2010

Preparing for Christmas

I know it's not quite December, but this year, to break from my usual tradition I am getting into the Christmas mood a little earlier that usual.

My past Christmases have been associated with cold weather, dark nights, getting wrapped up to go late night Christmas shopping and of course food and drink. Australia deceives me and tricks me into thinking that Christmas is ages away. -  It's getting warmer by the day, the schools are getting ready for the end of the academic year and the summer holidays and there's not a mulled wine in sight...

Christmas preparation in the UK consisted of a getting the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, all the vegetables that you can name(!), plum pudding and mince pies. Now on top of that we had our favourite Christmas time foods and traditions...

Christmas isn't Christmas for me without a glass of Harvey's Bristol Cream sherry on Christmas morning. Two years ago my lovely husband searched for a bottle just so that I could have a glass whilst putting up the Christmas tree (the only other time I will drink sherry).
Husband is a 'northerner' i.e. frugal...! He was "not paying that much for a bottle of Harvey's!"
Consequently he purchased what is commonly known as cooking's still in the pantry and is used for cooking!

So, this weekend we'll...
  • Make a decision on whether to splash out on a real tree (you have no idea how expensive they are!). Nothing beats the smell though....
  • We'll argue discuss about where to put the tree....and then I'll move it anyway!
  • I'll bring out the box of decorations and we'll spend way too long reminiscing over each one as each decoration has its story - I love it.
  • We'll fill the boxes of the advent calendar with lots of little goodies.
  • We'll put on the King's College Cambridge CD of Christmas carols and eat mince pies (and maybe have a glass of sherry??)
  • We'll start planning the menu and then the sleeping arrangements - it's usually a full house at our place.
  • I'll make one of umpteen lists
  • I'll consider a second mortgage so that I can buy some After Eight mints, some Thorntons Continental chocolates, a Terry's Chocolate Orange and a tin of Quality Street....not forgetting the Harvey's Bristol Cream!
  • We'll wonder what happened to 2010....


Happy weekend

5 Comments and thoughts:

  1. An interesting take, Bethan. I must admit to being taken aback this week by the northern hemisphere bloggers getting all Christmassy. Already. It all feels a little premature in (nearly) summertime Australia! J x

  2. How funny. After being in Sydney for 7 years, I feel like it gets dark too early. You must think I'm nuts?!! I miss the day light savings! Spoil yourself, get the real tree! I like the sound of your home around Xmas.
    PS - LOVE (yes all capitals), LOVE your new bathroom!!

  3. One must always have a drink whilst putting up the Christmas tree! Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my magazine article. xx

  4. Yep, organising the tree is definitely on the list for tomorrow - as always, on the 1st December. Then it will really feel like Christmas. Thanks too for your comments on my pool renovation. If you have a minute, could you email me - I'd love to pick your brains about tiles. I did try to reply to your comment, but there's no email address attached. After checking out your pool, it looks amazing and I'd love to know what waterline tiles you used! Thanks, Kerri

  5. December is the time I start thinking about Christmas properly although I have started the giving away thing a bit earlier on the blog! Thanks for joining in!
    I do miss the cold London Christmas - although not the winter that goes with it! A x