Thursday, 25 November 2010

Nice new things...including a bathroom

I have been lucky enough to have some nice new things recently. I'll start with a gorgeous candle and shiny Christmas decoration courtesy of Jenny from The Five Year Project. How exciting, first to win something, and secondly to get a parcel in the post. The candle smells divine, thank you, and I can't wait to hang that decoration - I have a feeling it will find a place to stay hanging way after Christmas.

Now onto some new bathrooms. I have waited a couple of years for these bathrooms...

Here is a before shot of the guest room en-suite - complete with some tape marks for the new stuff. It was all very colour co-ordinated, but it used to make me feel like I was in a cage with those tiles!


  Fast forward a few weeks and we have a much simpler version. We managed to get the ideal separate bathtub and wet area shower that we wanted. Remember the small stress about the shower head and power points here? This is the result of the power point dilemma...

clever eh?

..and the simple fix for the sliding door was to insert an internal stopper (before they rebuilt the wall) to prevent the door from opening fully and crashing into the shower bits. You can tell I'm very technical about these things!

Result = one happy lady

I have taken some very blurry photos of the upstairs bathroom, but even with all the enhancing that I can throw at them, the shots are sooo bad as my camera is refusing to focus....Which brings me onto the next nice new thing- a new camera will be arriving before the weekend. Once I get to grips with it, (as it has a few more buttons and gizmos than my current model), I will share bathroom number 2.

I can also.....drum roll please.....take some photos of the new pool fence - (story here). Yes, the fence man eventually turned up. The fence is a nice new thing, but the patio/courtyard area isn't so flash. The fence man is obviously not a 'red brick paver' man! Luckily we still have his money....

Thank you/Diolch  for the comments and messages re Words. It sounds like it's a familiar bilingual situation in other ex pat Welsh homes :(

4 Comments and thoughts:

  1. This looks incredible! We live in a rental - so may changes we'd like to make if only we owned. You did a beautiful job!

  2. Hi Bethan, glad you received your goodies. Isn't that candle divine - love the smell! Your bathroom makeover is amazing and some very clever ideas used there. I look forward to seeing the second one with your new camera! ;-)

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  4. What a great transformation! And the solution you had in the drawer is pure brilliance! Enjoy your new bathroom, Kellie xx