Monday, 3 January 2011

Come for a walk with me...

A favourite Sunday afternoon walk is to wander through Roma Street Parklands. You may recall that we celebrated Springtime with a walk here a few months ago. (Appreciating Springtime - part 2)

This Sunday, we packed a very simple picnic and headed off to do some exploring. Come with us...

Let's just walk through the tunnel at the top entrance to the parklands and savour the sounds of the birds.

We'll then head over the boardwalk and through the water mist to wonder at all the water dragons that live in this part. They are well camouflaged, so keep looking.

Some of them are pretty tame creatures and pose well for the camera, whilst the little ones will just scamper off looking like some prehistoric little dinosaurs!

Next we'll stop for a moment at the bridge and look at at the gorgeous colours of the waterlilys.
 Aren't they beautiful?

I think we'll choose a nice shady spot under the trees overlooking the lake.
I'll just rest here for a while....I'll just lie here and stare up at the leaves...zzzzz.....

Time to wake up and go for a bit of a walk and exploration.
I could stay here a little while longer whilst you just go ahead and see what's on the island....
I'll be right here...go ahead....

OK, lets walk through the gardens and then have a play in the park.

Phew, it's hot today, it must be well into the 30's. Remember to drink plenty of water.

OK, time's up, let's go home for a swim to cool down.
Tell you what, let's not cook tonight, how about a pizza?
I'll book us a table at Tomato Brothers - 5.45pm sound good?

Hope you enjoyed our walk.

6 Comments and thoughts:

  1. So beautiful!! I love green and tropics :) Looks divine XOL

  2. Looks like a great day out, I love the Roma st parklands. ;-)

  3. Just fabulous, Beth - thanks for taking us with you. Now where's my cold glass of riesling?! J x

  4. Hello Beth ,I have just found your blog ,I really enjoy hearing about what people from other countries think about Australia, I know I have to stop myself from asking that question as soon as I meet someone from o'seas ,so it is great to hear your opinions ,I have enjoyed your photography and am looking forward to reading more in future.
    I have only just started blogging so I would love it of you had time to drop into my blog :)

  5. Beth, your story makes me's all a little grey and dull here for post christmas, hoping for some more snow at least that's fun! I hope you've dealt with that spider...Robx

  6. Thanks Beth for your lovely & very kind comments re our completed bathroom reno. Its been a long, long 2 years & I'm still spending lots of time in there just standing & sighing! We lived in BrisVegas for 2 years & never did a single trip to any of their parklands, judging by the Roma St. one that was very remiss of us.
    Millie ^_^