Monday, 21 February 2011

A beach weekend

This weekend we went to the beach...yes, we went to the beach.
Not the usual husband and Sibs going and me finding some 'very important' reason to stay at home.
I was there!

We were celebrating nana's birthday - 39 again!!

You may recall my (very non Australian) confession about a certain dislike of sand here

Moffat beach

See that patch of grass? - that was my spot!
Under the shade of the tree...that's as close as you'll get me to the beach!

papa in charge

We relaxed and chilled liked it was no-body's business...pretty easy when the temperature was hitting 34 degrees and you're not at home.
Not much else you can do except sit under the fan and read a book; dip in the pool, or join your little girl in watching a dvd of Pride and Prejudice (love the fact that Sibs loves Jane Austen).

Nana and papa looked after us and we enjoyed a family get together and birthday meal on saturday night.

kitchen at the Moffat beach house

What do you think of this kitchen?
It's pretty fancy...but I'm not sure I could live with lime and purple every day!

This weekend made me reflect how different life is now that we live in Australia.
Winter birthdays have become Summer ones and we never consider a plan B "in case of the weather".

 Life is different...
My little country girl has become a sun, sea and sand girl!

home and away....or....away and home?

Happy Monday

Caloundra coastline

2 Comments and thoughts:

  1. What a beautiful beach and boy, what a funky looking kitchen. Very swish! I agree, not sure I could live with the colours, but imagine it blue and white :)

  2. It looks like it was a lovely weekend away but I agree that the kitchen would take some getting used to. ;-)