Friday, 4 February 2011

Let's re-balance with some organised calmness

It's been a pretty mad start to 2011 here in Queensland.
There's been unprecedented rainfall, flooding, a tropical cyclone...

then there's everyday stuff like the start to a new school year, new piano teacher, different day for ballet class...

This week everything has felt upside down and back to front.
We've been getting up a touch too late, going to bed too late, our planned meals haven't quite gone to plan...

Time to take a long deep breath and re-balance.

My yogalates class on Thursday concentrated on balance and strength. I struggled with the basic balance poses...everyone felt out of line after the terrible cyclone that ravaged parts of the state in the early hours of Thursday morning. Our bodies were showing signs of stress that wasn't obvious.

So this weekend things are going to be calm, cool and this house

We will plan our shopping list.
We won't be running late to dance lessons.
We will eat a healthy Saturday night meal at a reasonable time.
We will catch up on some sleep.
We will do some fun activity together.
I will get to read
We will organise school bag, books and uniform on Sunday afternoon.

Doesn't this organised calmness sound good?

There's one little problem... On Saturday morning at 5.45am (Brisbane time) Wales will be playing England in the first of the season 6 Nations rugby union game.
This is tension time in our house... Husband and I have separate sofas kind of tension time!
There's the Welsh sofa, and the English one, and little Sibs hovers between us not wanting to show any favouritism!

Maybe our organised calming re balancing should start after the final whistle?!

Happy calm weekend

6 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Ha, same at our house. I have outnumbered husband this time by inviting two other welsh friends and two scots to pre match dinner so that he is very much overwhelmed by the celts!!It's the only way we can watch without me bursting into inconsolable tears!! We are also watching at a more reasonable time! Enjoy!Enjoying teh blog, hope you are enjoying mine too!

  2. Hi Beth. It's true, with organisation comes calm. I'm just getting into the groove again.
    Who won the match?
    Love your new banner/header, it's great! Enjoy this sunny weekend.

  3. Oh I so hear you Beth! Here's to a calm, peaceful weekend (after the final whistle). A-M xx

  4. The best intentions..but life always gets in the way! Rachaelxx

  5. is the welsh word (hiareth? was it) different than nostalgia? (from Planet Baby post on words that dont translate)

  6. I had wondered if you were feeling at sixes and sevens, Beth. I'm not surprised. Oh, and I'm sorry to see the rugby result. J x