Thursday, 10 February 2011

I am so not a morning person...

I've had a little break from blogging this last week or so. I've occasionally had a little nosy browse through other blogs, but I can't seem to find enough hours (or energy) to fit everything in.
I think I must be doing something wrong!

My excuse? ... I am a night owl, and I so dislike mornings...I squeeze every last second of time in my bed.

source Okooko, New Zealand
I have been one of those people known to press "snooze" so many times on my clock that the print has disappeared from the button!

  When I first moved here to Australia I was amazed with the chirpiness of all the morning people around me. I could hear all these happy souls from around 5.30am each morning going for their runs, cycles, dog walks etc and I just wanted to hide! Husband and daughter soon got into the swing of this and they would (and still do) bounce around at this silly o'clock!

I can however easily stay up until the early hours, but this is just not the way to do things here...
So, it's time for a bit of a change...

*I have really been trying to get to bed earlier and then limiting myself to just a few chapters of my book.
*I have been forcing myself out of bed before crunch time.
*I have arranged for piano lessons to happen before school.
*I even organised an 8am meeting this morning (ok, 8am is early by my standards!)
For a night owl, this is all a challenge...
I actually feel cheated out of those late evening hours!
Can a night person ever become a morning one??

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P.S. Following on from my last post - the other sofa won : (

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  1. I'm not a morning person either!! LOL!

    I'm a new follower stopping by from Beach Cottage's Good Life Wednesday. Would love for you to visit me sometime:


  2. Wir Dduw i ti, fel na odw i yn y bore... ofnadwy. Ond fi'n diodde o Insomnia hefyd, felly s'dim lot o egni gyda fi bore, prynhawn, ond fi fel wiwer o 8pm mlan. Rhyfedd ife.

  3. Yes you can do it! For many years I was constantly going to bed far too late and feeling completely exhausted by afternoon tea the next day because I woke up too early. Now I am up at 5:30 every morning and in bed by 10 and I really do feel better. I get so much more accomplished and I feel so much better because of it.

    Good luck-you will be fine!

    Best wishes,

  4. I am a morning person in an Aussie summer, but were we live on a mountain, the winters are long and during that time NOT a morning person. Although last year I did go slightly insane for a bit and jog everymorning in the dark. Even the local owls though I was nuts!
    alicia :0)

  5. much more nocturnal here in Spain...I like being awake at night and snuggled up all warm in bed until at least 7am in the week and preferably 8.30am on a weekend, children willing (which they rarely are!!) I think life forces you into changes, children making a massive difference to early wake ups, it's whether the changes suit you or not, you may be naturally a nocturnal person!

  6. Hi, well, I'm not sure if you can change rom a night to a morning person. I recon that would be quite hard. I'm a morning person and often feel like such a dag wanting to go to bed early. Quite often I'm late, but no matter what time it is I'm awake early. 8am is a big sleep-in for me. Sometimes being a morning person can be a drag too! Good luck!

  7. well beth- we are having a roll reversal- as i used to leap out of bed for a walk before taking the kiddos to in this STILL cold weather i make it by the skin of my teeth each morning...

    i think once you're born and bred into something...its there for life...i'm hoping once we move home my early mornings will come back!

    perhaps its the lack of kookaburras here spurring me on in the mornings!!

    melissa x

  8. Oh Beth,
    I hear you! Being a nightowl myself, I do what I have to do, get up at 6.50 for the school run, but I will never be a morning person. I talk and walk and all but I am at my best when the evening is there. Perhaps it has something to do with the warmer climate, when it's warm I don't mind getting up early, but since we live in Switzerland, where it is cold in the mornings, I don't like it at all.
    So, I hear you...
    Hugs, Maureen x

  9. Beth you're just going to have to be a burn the candle at both ends type of girl I think. Just lots of caffeine and vitamin B. Maybe some Nanna naps on the w/end, or what is termed a 'sleep camel' stocking up on sleep for what you forgo in the week. I do a bit of this, but prefer early to bed and since children have an amazing ability to pry my eyelids open, and body from bed no matter how tired. Hasn't stopped me whinging about sleep deprivation on occasion/s.