Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Local dragons and lizards

I have posted the occasional photo of some local water dragons on this blog, but as I am constantly fascinated by these creatures I think it's time for their own show!

My friends say that it's "very British" to be so interested in these lizards...

Roma Street park Feb 2011

I've been in awe of these creatures ever since my first holiday visit to Australia back in 2004. I remember the first time I saw a lizard  (I think it was a large Lace Monitor, aka a goanna), I screamed that it was a croc!! I had just stepped off a little boat and was wading ashore with a 2 year old in my was frightening....and just a touch embarrassing!

I'm now getting used to all types of lizards - dragons, blue tongues, geckos, skinks, even the odd lace wonderfully exotic! We have a little blue tongue lizard living in our front garden, and he graces us with a glimpse every now and then.

a regular house guest gecko

"What's that clicking noise in our house in the evening?"
"That's just the geckos - leave them, they're ok, they keep the mozzies away".
 (not the response I was giving when we first arrived!)

a sunbather at Roma Street park Feb 2011


Roma Street park Feb 2011

just a warning....I'll be posting about spiders soon.

Any interesting creatures in your back yard?

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4 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Ah the delights (or not so delightful) of Australia. We have lots of geckoes here, and loads of spiders. I had to de-web the trampoline the other day so the kids could get in it. It was quite a specimen with some amazingly large and intricate webs, and a few large spiders. Fastest technique I've established is getting a large palm frond and giving the web a good sweep around like you're putting fairy floss on a stick. Please do not do toads or flies... I'll not be tuning in. :)

  2. They're fascinating, aren't they? The gecko's are super cute. We don't have the really big ones in Tassie. The blue tongues are our biggest. Lots of scary smakes though :)
    I have to say I'm not sure I'll look forward to the spider post!!!

  3. Lizards always freak me out. I remember I accidentally stepped on a blue tongue walking down our garden path. I wasn't watching where I was stepping...Luckily it just slithered away while I ran off in a panic. Eeew!

  4. I had no idea - Yikes! My kids would love it, though. xoL