Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Smiley Monday

Yesterday I had one of those days that I felt grateful and smiley and just happy...

It was no extraordinary Monday, just another start of the week day.

With my work hat on I can often find myself discussing the 'meaning' of happiness. Of course, this is different to us all, we all have our our definitions and even  this can change...
An exercise that can help to personalise happiness and to get some perspective is to write down the positives of the day. It can be one thing or twenty.... It can be effective on a 'down day' or just to capture the magic of an ordinary one...

My happy Monday list.
  • I received a home made valentine card and breakfast in bed.
  • I had morning coffee with a friend and we just chatted.
  • I helped out with school swimming lessons and  Sibs kept catching my eye and giving me a thumbs up sign.
  • One of her school friends came and said thank you for her birthday present.
  • I had a chat with an old lady in the supermarket - she just wanted to talk to someone.
  • I managed to get an Aldi special - even though the catalogue was out last Thursday....that never happens!
  • I watched my little girl turn into a little lady at the hairdressers. She chatted away and enjoyed her head massage. There were more thumbs up signs from across the room!
  • I played the piano, and accompanied Sibs's violin practise.
  • I spent the evening babysitting for three lovely kids.
Like I said...nothing extraordinary there, but just one of those days when I actually appreciated what was going on around me.

The simple pleasures in life...

"a happy heart is a pure heart"

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Your post has just put a big smile on my face! Your positivity is truly infectious!

    Best wishes always,

  2. Lovely blog Beth! I like your happy Monday list - it's funny how all the small, everyday happy things make you the happiest.

  3. It also reminds us to be grateful, and this for me is one of the keys to happiness. cheers Katherine