Saturday, 26 March 2011

It's all in the attitude

- that feels better, just another big deep breath  in, then out,

It's the weekend to end a mammoth week here.
You know the routine? You wake up, fill the day, go to bed, repeat.
Well, that's the kind of week it's been...

A few times I've sat down and thought about writing something here, but it's all felt a can I put it...trivial?
Thank you for the comments and messages after my last post. I think that kind of news makes you ponder things and gives you a different perspective on life for a while.

Anyhow, as I said, it's been a bit busy down this neck of the woods, so...

 rather than look around this house this morning and think "what a mess", I'm grateful that I have a home...

rather than worry that Sibs will be a tired little bunny as she has a dancing lesson this aftertnoon, then we're going to the climbing wall, then her cousin is staying, I'm grateful she has interests, friends and family...

 Looking for the positives in life and enjoying the moments...

Happy weekend

7 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Well said Beth, life is lately so upside down for a lot of people, we have it good, enjoy the weekend, (do you have family in Oz too? you lucky girl, to me that would make a big difference to enjoy a strange country, having some family members with us).
    Bye! Maureen

  2. Loves this post! It'll make everyone who reads it have a good think :)

  3. Oh, Sweetie. Know that you are loved by many. Will try to make your Welsh cakes tomorrow! J x

  4. Looking for the positives in life and enjoying the moments... definitely something I have learnt to do more and more as I have got older.

  5. great blog Beth and positive words and actions can spark off positive feelings and words and deeds in others too. I've echoed many of your sentiments in my blog today, let's hope the word spreads, maybe we can propose an on line blogging day of gratitude and happy thoughts and deeds.

  6. I empathize with the crazy routine of being a mum and running a family. I hope your weekend has given you some chill out time!

  7. You are so right. Have a great week, love Linda x