Friday, 11 March 2011

A weekend alone

I have a weekend off, a weekend all alone...
my lovelies are away camping.
Five dads and lots of kids are wreaking havoc somewhere near Mount Tambourine!
I'll miss them, but....

I'll be having dinner out tonight courtesy of my Swedish friend who is hosting the home alone mums. Food, wine, girly company....sounds too good and I can't wait!

I'm planning a leisurely Saturday morning after a lie in. Some gentle domestics, a spot of shopping maybe? I might finish off painting the school desk that I bought a couple of weeks ago...I might not...

My only worries will be whether to cook or not on Saturday night and what DVD to watch. Any ideas? Do I stick to the old favourites, the ones where I know exactly what comes next? Do I venture into the DVD shop and try something new? Decisions, decisions...

I'll try not to think too much about the camping trip...are they eating too much junk, are they washing their hands before eating too much junk? Did they pack their jammies? Did they??

Okay, time to switch off and start the weekend....

Have a lovely one all,

12 Comments and thoughts:

  1. oh wow, you are soooo lucky. What I wouldn't give for a weekend of solitude! (though I would also kill for a weekend camping at Mt Tamborine... I grew up in the foothills there, outside Murwillumbah, I miss those mountains here in flat ol' Belgium)
    On Saturday night I would eat poached eggs on toast, drink a glass or two of red, and read a book.
    Enjoy it!! :)

  2. How wonderful Beth! Great chance to re-charge the batteries and have some serious "me" time - you deserve it. Have a truly fabulous weekend. ;)Sharyne

  3. Oh that will be me this weekend as well, except that the littlest one will stay home with me. I'm looking forward to having a quieter house. xx

  4. Sounds like a good weekend to me - relax and enjoy it! ;-)

  5. I want your life right now! What I'd give for a weekend to myself. Enjoy :)

  6. great reason for a massage, a haircut, a hot chocolate or alcoholic drink, a snooze in the afternoon, reading a great book, shopping...all those things you may not find time for on teh weekends when you are all at home. Enjoy!

  7. I'm totally jealous, I've been on my own for 3 weekends solid with the 2 squabblers while him indoors is away. For Saturday night dinner I would either get my favourite take away or buy all the little cheeses and other yummy bitsy things I like to devour and definitely rent a DVD I would never watch with family or hubby. Oh and have a leisurely walk before I do all that.

  8. Oh how wonderful, enjoy yourself. Love the picture! Linda x

  9. Sounds like an opportunity for lots of me treats :)

  10. I hope you are still sleeping in as I write this. Enjoy. Every Minute. A-M xx