Saturday, 19 March 2011

Welcome to the ex pat party

Noswaith dda/good evening from Brisbane.

I'm writing this post especially for Laura, Happy Homemaker UK.
She is kindly hosting an expat party today.
She's invited any expat blogger to share something about their host country.

So hello to Laura's friends.

If this is your first time here, welcome. Here is a bit of my world.
I moved from Wales via rural North Yorkshire to live in Brisbane a few years ago.
 My blog is mostly about the way that we adapt to our new surroundings and how different life is since we moved from the UK to sunnier shores. I write about everyday happenings as well as some of the things that define where I have come from. So one day I'll be sharing bbq tales or spider stories and next time you might read about a welsh custom or story...

I am constantly fascinated by the wildlife here in Australia and love taking photos of the local creatures.

...warning, some are prettier than others!

a cane toad in the garden

water dragons in a local park

the first live snake I ever saw!

a king parrot and a kookaburra

With my pale Celtic skin, it's taken a bit of getting used to the sunshine...
 but it's something that I have very quickly adapted to!

We are just beginning to see the start of Autumn here in the Southern hemisphere, so I'll be seeking out the long sleeve t-shirts and we'll be swapping shorts for longer trousers soon.
(if I was a true Aussie I'd say longer pants, or longer pents if I also adopted the accent!!)

So for now the Winter coats will continue to gather dust in the back of the wardrobe
...but I'm not complaining.

winter in Queensland

So why don't you head on over to Laura's and join the party?
There's an interesting bunch of people there who have all moved away from home
and each with a story to tell.

Have fun.



11 Comments and thoughts:

  1. wow, if I came across that snake I'd be terrified - it looks quite long! 2 good friends of mine moved to Australia and they told me its practically normal to have them around!

  2. Hi Laura, we have already met and I am a follower but today I am calling by from the Expat Linky Party. I envy the fact that your winter coats are gathering dust :)

  3. Hey Beth, it's your turn to make me homesick now! Great's always good to throw in a cane toad...they would have to be the ugliest creature in Australia! Robx

  4. I must say that I am happy to be living in Tassie and therefore not having to live with those pesky cane toads. They are really unappealing!!

  5. I'm always shocked by the wildlife photos coming from there - it never fits my impression of that area of the world :) Love the beach photo with your daughter(?) in colorful clothing - this could be in a magazine.

    Thank you so much for joining my Linky Party! It wouldn't have been the same without you :) XOL

  6. Beautiful! How could you not love it there :)
    Stopped over from Around the World in a Day hop. Have a great Sunday!

  7. Hi Beth,
    Good post, and that cane toad, it's ugly and big and yet I couldn't stop staring at it, again, for a few seconds. I'm not a big fan of toads...or frogs...or rabbits....they hop so quick and I never know which way they will go...but still, fascinating to look at!
    The photo of your daughter on the beach, sigh...winter on a beach without the coats, scarfs and Uggs...Enjoy it honey!
    Have a good Sunday,

  8. Hi Beth,
    Ugh, cane toads! I've never even seen a cane toad, they don't (or didn't) have them anywhere that I've lived in Oz and despite trying to see one in Brisbane I never did.
    Hopefully I'll get to Wales later this year, I kind of imagine the mountainous areas are a bit like Cumbria.
    Your photos are stunning - the one of your daughter on the beach is a fantastic shot.
    Have a great week - Melissa xx

  9. Girlie, YOU are my
    hero!!! I cannot imagine
    being an expat where there
    are snakes and spiders!!
    But you do it with such
    grace, love and appreciation
    for the little things.
    Love it.
    xx Suzanne

  10. Beth it's the Kiwis that say pents - not the Aussies! Or the ones I know.
    Oh another cane toad shot. I can hardly bare it. We have a plague in our suburb, and you see baby toads jumping about all over... it's an epidemic of huge proportions, and terrifies me to think there will be that many large toads about. Apparently it's due to the weather and there being so many puddles.

  11. Interesting read! I have some similarites, being an Englishman in Florida. Some of the local wildlife, alligators, armadillos, snakes, etc seems dangerous and exotic to me, but always fascinating. Actually the armadillos aren't dangerous. I love your toad photo! We don't have a great deal of amphibians and reptiles compared to other places, I've realised!