Monday, 4 April 2011

a dishwasher tale and a moral

 A few weeks ago my dishwasher decided that it was a little tired and wanted a quieter life. It started giving me some clues that it was time for retirement. At a guess it was around 20 years old, so in dishwasher terms it had a good life...

So, I did some research, decided on a few models to look at and off we went to the dishwasher shop...

To cut a long story short we looked at a few dishwashers, couldn't quite decide so came away for me to persuade husband to buy the model I wanted  to discuss...
We compromised and I got the better model and a saving was made by deciding on white rather than the more expensive stainless steel one. (Don't tell husband, but I wasn't sure about stainless steel anyway)

A few days later I rushed back to the shop between errands, pointed to a display model that we had spent ages looking at during the previous visit (in stainless steel and built in) and said "I'd like to order that one in white please". In and out in five minutes - easy.

A few days later, the dishwasher is delivered and fitted... and here comes the whinge.

The model delivered is a freestanding model not the built in model that I wanted!

Not too much of a problem I thought, I'll just let the shop comes the big whinge!

This particular model in white is only sold as freestanding. If you want it built in you have to buy it in stainless steel...
So when I pointed to the display model (built in) and asked for it in white, the correct response should have been "you can have that model in white, but it will be freestanding"
Not too difficult is it?!? (excessive use of exclamation marks to show frustration!!)

There was a tense exchange, lots of checking the computer and catalogues, something along the lines of wanting to charge me $300+ to take my white model back...and then another $200 on top of the $$$$ that I had already paid to buy the stainless steel one!
This concluded with me spending $80 to buy a conversion kit to make my chosen white model built in.
(still with me?)

So this evening, husband decide to tackle the conversion. Hmmmmm, not as easy as it sounds.

On my relaxed return from yogalates, I encountered a rather stressed looking husband in the kitchen. There was quite a lot of huffing and puffing and even more whinging. Neither of us is particularly handy with a tool box, but we know the difference between our screwdrivers....or so I thought! This particular conversion kit required a T20 screwdriver??? Obviously not a familiar one in this house.

this is the answer...

 So the dishwasher remains freestanding for another day until the purchase of aT20 screwdriver.

Yes, it did say freestanding on the order form...yes, I should have double checked the order form...
So the moral of this story  - don't rush, check, check and double check the detail!

I got the model that I wanted, it does what I want it to do, but it just doesn't look like I wanted it to look...yet!

You live and learn hey?

4 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Oh boy this did make me laugh, I do not think you were reading my blog when I wrote about our never ending dishwasher saga!!!

  2. Oh dear... sometimes better to let go and 'live and learn' than let the wronged consumer bitterness engulf you - not always easy!! A x

  3. Oh No!

    I would have thought that the casing to make an appliance stand alone would add to the cost, not make it cheaper?

    I just put a deposit on a fridge yesterday at my local Retravision. I'm running off to double check the small print now and make sure I did't accidentally buy a tv!

  4. Oh Beth, what a pain!!! I can guarantee exactly the same thing would happen to me. After many experiences similar to this I have learnt to explain exactly what the appliance is for and will it do the job? You'd think it would be simple... but it never is! Georgie x