Saturday, 2 April 2011

Good morning Autumn!

What a glorious morning it is here in Brisbane....

I LOVE Autumn!

This is what greeted me this morning when I ventured out of bed. The sunlight was just touching the tips of the trees outside and it was creating the most beautiful colours as the leaves swayed in the gentle breeze. 

As an ex-pat I'm often asked the question - "what do you miss most about home? ".

There are countless things that I miss... but apart from family and friends, the next thing on my list would probably be the more dramatic changes in the seasons.

My first year or two here I think I was a bit oblivious to the season changes. It went from hot to not quite so hot! We arrived when Queensland was experiencing a drought, so it was also dry and hot!

Now that I'm getting more used to my surroundings I'm able to see the subtle changes. There is no burst of Autumn colours in Brisbane, no puddles of leaves to swish through in wellington boots....I have to spot a glimpse of golden here and there....but it's there!

Autumn in Brisbane brings a change of temperature to the absolutely glorious! Husband and I were chatting on the way to work yesterday about how it felt 'just like a great Summer's day back home'. The kind of day where you just want to be outside to do something nice...

Summer here can be very humid - walking through hot treacle kind of humid, countless cold showers kind of humid, can't sleep at night kind of humid....
So now you see why I love Autumn?

Today I will put away the fans, and pull out the duvets. I'll locate some closed in shoes and joy of joy - I'll find my cardigans! My well worn Uggs will also get a once over...what comfort.

(If this is what I'm like when Autumn comes, wait for the Winter party!!)

uggs....I've missed you...!

Happy Autumn Saturday,
Have a great weekend.

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  1. We LOVE autumn here in New South Wales too. Like you the first few years we were here we hardly noticed the change in season. It is very subtle but the longer we live here the more we see the smaller details.

    The first Autumn after we moved we laughed when we saw families with scarves and hats on kids heads as we wandered along the paths eating ice-cream in our short sleeved T-shirts! When I saw sweaters and boots in the clothes catalogues I couldn't believe it. We had given ALL our winter gear away to charity shops before we emigrated!

    Now we embrace the changes and love the days that are sunny and fresh but don't require 10 layers of sunscreen and a portable air-con machine in our pockets!

    Happy Autumn from our home to yours!

  2. Well we still have the A/C going here in Far North Queensland Beth (and it is STILL raining!!) So pleased that you are at last getting some lovely weather in the SE corner. Have a great weekend! ;)Sharyne

  3. Oh this strikes a chord. We have enjoyed a cooler week here in Sydney too. A Sydney version of autumn. Like you it is one of the things I miss most, the on rush of the new seasons. I've learnt to embrace the more subtle changes over the years and will be enjoying lots of outdoors over the next few months.
    Enjoy your Uggies.

  4. Hi Beth,
    You can see that we live so far away, my Uggs are now in the closet waiting for the next colder days, the sneakers are now out!
    Look forward to your winter images, no snow ofcourse...I have envy weather again...
    And thank you for your sweet comment, I've followed your brilliant idea and wrote it on my profile, so thanks!
    Have a good start of the week!
    Maureen x

  5. Hi Beth, it seems really strange to hear you talk of Autumn when we are just starting with Spring. I do love Autumn though. Your photos are lovely. Happy Mother's Day, love Linda x

  6. Autumn does invigorate the energy levels I agree. I'm just having a break from painting the fence!

  7. Thanks for your comments Beth, it's interesting about Antiques in Australia, I suppose it is just too far for poeople to ship things. In Europe things can be transported by van from country to country. Love Linda x

  8. Beth, when we lived in Yeppoon, I missed the Spring, which we were used to getting in Melbourne and eventually I realised that I was missing the beautiful colours of Autumn. However, this was an easy trade off for the beautiful balmy weather that we had to 'put up with' for most of the year! Robx