Monday, 20 June 2011

Dinner conversation and meeting Snoopy

It's was a gorgeous Winter's weekend here in Brisbane.
The sky was a shimmering blue, the sun was shining,
and there was nothing to do except throw open the doors and enjoy it!

Sibs went to stay with her aunt and uncle on Saturday night and we went out to a dinner party - a proper grown ups dinner party. We drove along the Storey Bridge at night to cross the Brisbane river and the lights of the city made it feel magical and almost Christmas like. I felt like a small town girl hitting the big smoke.

 We were wined and dined and enjoyed great company. The conversation was varied and moved from music to sport to food, to Jane Austen then to some more sport, but the underlying theme of the evening was the joy of living in Australia.
Now this was especially interesting to me surrounded by people who had called Australia home for many more years than me. Since I wrote a post about moving and settling in Australia and forming an Australian identity for my girl, it seems that everywhere I turn there is a reminder of why Australia is a great place to be. (Here if interested)
Anyhow, the company on Saturday night consisted of first generation Australians; some who had moved here as young children; one from Hong Kong who had lived here in the past and us newbies.

These people had travelled extensively and we shared some great stories of wonderful experiences, but they kept returning to the fact of how lucky they were to be brought up living in Australia. They painted a picture of a nation that pulls together whenever there is a need (as the dreadful January floods all too painfully showed). An almost classless society where hard work and determination can ensure success. A free and safe environment for children.
It all sounded pretty idyllic and I lapped it up!

But one of the most interesting things for me was their association with their past. The visits that they had made "home" and what this meant to them. How they understood that this was part of who they are today. (Not one of them would know that I write this blog so this conversation was a complete coincidence...)
Travelling and exploring the world had educated these people far beyond their paper qualifications.
Those that had children had instilled a confidence in their offspring to travel and see a bit of life beyond the comfort of home.

Next morning over coffee I was planning a Europe trip for 2012 and Sib's gap year in 2020!!

However, before I could complete these plans we headed up the mountain to pick up our little girl and to meet Snoopy a six month old new addition to the Dr Doolittle house.

Snoopy is a Bull Arab cross and he is adorable. All floppy ears and big paws.
Sibs was completely smitten.
It's been 'Snoopy this' and 'Snoopy that' since!

I'm waiting for the "when can we have a dog?" question...

As usual when we are up the mountain we get to see the wonderful birds that come to visit.

the parrots

Crimson Rosellas

Oh yes, this is a good place to live!

Following on from my last post the painting in the hallway is of Mumbles, Swansea,
or as we would say in Welsh - Mwmbwls (pronounced Moom-bools)

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. I really enjoyed this post, Beth. It's fascinating to see how you're letting Australia slowly settle into your bones. Gorgeous. And those bird photos are so striking! Bravo you. J x PS I've been to Mumbles! It's Catherine Zeta-Jones' old stomping ground, isn't it?

  2. How lovely Beth that all your feelings about being in Australia were confirmed in such a natural and uncontrived way. My daughter would love Snoopy too, we have a West Highland Terrier, but I am always being asked when can we get another dog! Lots of love Linda x

  3. Oh God, I miss QLD especially during sounds like you had a lovely night...probably just what you needed following your thoughts in your previous post...the parrots are lovely...we use to feed them in our garden in Melbourne....and have lots of photos at a national park with these birds all over the kids when they were very little. Robx