Thursday, 14 July 2011

4 years on, before and afters (part 2)

I recently posted some photos of the progress that we have made to the outside of our house
four years down the track. (you can read it here)
Whilst we don't lay claim to being renovators and had no real master plan,
it's still surprised me how much we have actually done to the inside of the house,
so I thought that I'd capture some of it here.
Let's start with the hub of a house - the kitchen.

Here's the before shot. Nothing too terrible...well, ok, maybe the tiles?
And here's the kitchen this morning.

I completely fell in love with the little deck area just the other side of the french doors off the kitchen.
It's referred to as 'favourite place'.
 The other best thing about the kitchen is the spot where I stood to take the photo above.
If I spin around you'll see why!
kitchen wall removal to open up the space and let in the light.

We took down the walls that formed a narrow corridor and separated it from the rest of the living area.
 Now that made a difference.
All of a sudden the dark kitchen became a bright space that connected to the rest of the house.
The kitchen was upgraded pretty soon after we moved in.
There are still a few things to do, like take the pendant lights of their boxes and put them up!
We're getting there...

Then a few months ago we decided to tackle the bathrooms.
 (a few posts about the bathroom reno  here)

upstairs bathroom before


guest room before

guest room after

guest room after
Pretty plain and simple, but works very well.

The only other reasonably big change has been the fireplace that I have posted about here

the before, part way there and fireplace as it is now

 The rest of the house has just been given a bit of a paint make over.
The walls in the bedrooms were two tone 80's/90's style - they were a bit of peach and lime green, some blue and yellow... I suppose it was fashionable a few decades ago?

It's all shades of white, white and white now, with a couple of subtle colour splashes here and there.
Sibs's playroom has one wall that is the loudest shade of fushia pink you can imagine.
If one day it looks tidy enough to take a photo I'll share...but no-one hold their breath on that one!

So very much a case of slowly does it in this house!

Living and learning, learning and living. 

11 Comments and thoughts:

  1. I think your good taste impressed me most of all..simply elegant and easy to live with!

  2. Lovely stuff! I lived in a flat in Brisbane with all that hideous 80s brick and tile everywhere, it was tragic.
    I am looking forward to the day when I can post before and after shots of our house (which will be a veerrry long time since it's not even our house yet!!)
    I love love love your kitchen, I'd be cooking hanging out in it all day :)

  3. Oh my, I have a serious case of kitchen envy happening after seeing your gorgeous one...great job.

    So glad you popped by my place...when blogger was playing up I lost everyone I was following and couldn't remeber half of them.


  4. Well if you are not renovators not sure what you are, but I think you have done a lovely renovation job on your home.

  5. You've done an amazing job. Looks fabulous!

  6. Love that
    you had the
    VISION to see
    the possibilities.
    So many people
    just don't.....
    Looks so fresh
    and cozy; love it!
    xx Suzanne

  7. Hi Beth, I just love that fireplace.

  8. I love everything you have done! Just gorgeous. Letitia xx

  9. Wow Beth your changes are amazing, I think especially the bathrooms! I am going back to look at your previous posts because I love a good nosey into peoples homes. I think you ought to be really proud of your home it looks fantastic! Thankyou for your comments, we had a lovely relaxing time and were so lucky with the weather, as it hasn't stopped raining since we got back! Love Linda x

  10. Always love before and afters and yours are really great Beth. I flicked through your outside shots as well... you've done a wonderful job! gxo

  11. You have made some incredible changes. The kitchen and bathroom are on my list this year, trading the retro purple tiles and 70s chipboard I can't wait to stand on shiny new tiles in the bathroom and kitchen cupboards that actually close properly! Lots of hard work but totally worth it that's why we renovate isn't it :)