Saturday, 2 July 2011

4 years on, the before and afters.(part 1)

Every now and again I like to look back.
To reflect on what has happened during the last year, the last five years, the last decade and so on. I can get lost for hours trawling through some old photos that can evoke so many memories. I like to go back to the same month over the years. (We are pretty organised when it comes to storing photos and each one is carefully saved by year and month, so it's easy to do this).

Anyhow, it was exactly 4 years ago that we moved into this house and I thought it would be interesting to go back and see what we fell in love with....and what we have changed.

Let's start at the street front.

When I was doing the rounds of house hunting one day tucked away at the corner of the cul-de-sac I spotted a pretty blue house. Most of it was hidden behind trees and a tall white fence,
but I must admit I liked the look of it almost immediately, and to cut a long story short we bought it.

On the left is what the house looked like a few weeks after we moved in.
The front garden was pretty overgrown and by the time I had taken this photo we had already chopped down quite a bit of the shrubs behind the fence

That window overlooking the front garden is the study
and the bush outside was so big it covered the whole window!
After a while we decided to open the whole area up, remove the fence and lay down a lawn.

If I show you the back garden you'll see why the front lawned area became an important improvement.

It was Neil's dream to have a pool. When you live in the cold wet climate of the UK you never really think that this dream will materialise, so when the opportunity came to live in sub-tropical Queensland this was straight on the house buying agenda.(I think the dream was a huge lap pool, but hey, life is a compromise!)

The patch of grass at the back of the garage was the perfect spot to build a pool, but it did take away the lawn. We wanted somewhere for Sibs to play, so that's the main reason the front garden also got a makeover.

Whilst we're outside, I should show you around  a bit more...

This is also at the back of the house, outside the guest room. Just like the front garden it was overgrown so we tidied it up and then replanted. It now looks pretty green and is full of native plants.

The next set of photos show where we have made the most improvements.

1. Just after moving in. Some lattice has already been removed to the side of the wall. This hid the whole of the lawn area, and made the undercover eating area very dark.

2. The walls were painted as a temporary tidy up.

3. When the pool was built we then removed half the wall. (only half as we believed that it was supporting the retaining wall. )

4. Once we found out for sure that this wasn't the case the rest of the wall came down and now the whole area is light and open.

Looking back reminds me what we have achieved in the last four years.
So that's some glimpses of the outside areas.
I'll share a few of the changes that have happened inside the house soon,

10 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Beth, we are just coming up to the first anniversary in our house and whilst I am delighted with the progress we have made it sometimes seems like an endless sisyphean task to get the garden as we would like. It is inspiring to see the spaces you have created and I hope to be able to post my own transformative photos after a year, two years etc to remind myself of the positive achievements!!

  2. It's a beautiful house Bethan. And OK, I'll admit, I'm more than a little bit envious of your pool.

  3. Hi Beth, your house looks lovely. Those improvements are fantastic and really make the area look so much bigger and lighter. It must be lovely sitting out there in summer. ;-)

  4. When can I move in?! Gorgeous :)

  5. What a beautiful house! You have made great improvements and that pool area must be so good in the Queensland heat!

  6. Your home looks lovely after all the hard work you have done.

  7. Hi have made such a difference to the feel of the house with relatively few changes..apart from the pool which was a big change! Lovely work.

  8. You have done such a great job with your house, I love how you opened out the front by removing part of the fence....brilliant xx Ava

  9. Goodness Beth you have done a lot in 4 years! Love the pool and the planting behind the house. I love the original blue colour of the house too. It is a really beautiful home you have made. Much love, Linda x

  10. WELL DONE!!!
    you have done an amazing job and inspired me to get cracking with our own to measure...