Wednesday, 6 July 2011

'Good Life Wednesday'

Good Life Wednesdays

Hello, it's a Wednesday, and it feels like a pretty good life right at the moment!

So what's prompted that statement?

Well, there's this British girl called Sarah who has made the same move as me to this wonderful country.
She blogs about living in a beach cottage in what she refers to as 'the lucky country'.
Sarah reminds me to appreciate all that is around me and to take pleasure in this good life....

She has transformed her home on the Sydney beaches to a fabulous family cottage in a creative, thrifty, and stylish way, oh, and all with a wicked sense of humour!  You can go and have a nosy at her blog if you click here. (Warning - you may be a while, there's a lot of stuff to drool over!)

So in the spirit of Sarah's Good Life Wednesday, here is my take on what I'm appreciating at the moment...

lavender from the garden in a water bottle from my wedding reception

As we draw to the end of Winter School holidays I have loved being at home with my girl.

We have relaxed, spent time outdoors, baked, cooked (we even made pasta), been crafty, watched a few movies, played outside in the sunshine, spent time with friends, had sleepovers and generally had a jolly good old time.

Last Saturday was the highlight.
My ballet dancing rugby loving eight year old and I headed into the city to Suncorp Stadium to watch the semi finals of the Super 15 rugby competition. We were so excited! Sibs usually gets to go to the rugby games when they are played in the afternoon, but this was an evening game.
Mother and daughter caught the bus and eyed up all the fans (including the teenage boy that Sibs informed me in a stage whisper was "wearing red undies"!! - I hasten to add that he was also wearing rather low slung jeans!)

getting into the spirit
We had such a good time. Sibs cheered and chanted and was thrilled when the Queensland Reds won the match. We headed home on the bus and her eyes were still taking it all in, even though this bus ride was full of families, kids and the somewhat older generation of fans..
Within ten minutes of being home she was curled up in bed asleep.

Last Saturday was another sign for me that my little girl is growing up.
 I'm treasuring these days.

Good Life Wednesdays

8 Comments and thoughts:

  1. beautiful post and a great reminder to love and appreciate life every day.

  2. Lovely post Beth...yes they do grow up little princess is 23! Robx

  3. Gorgeous post and pictures Beth! Mine is 12 (and a half) and often enjoy girl time together. I'm treasuring it all before she starts noticing the other sex and having facials at home with your mom is no longer considered cool. Rob2x

  4. Ah, eight years precious...
    And you are most
    obviously enjoying
    each step of the way.
    Just a blink and my
    {now 16 year old} girl
    was eight; I've relished
    every stage. My son
    will be 13 in the fall
    and then we'll officially
    be a family of teens : )
    Hug her tight, Beth!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Loved that last shot.

  5. Oh, Beth. Just gorgeous. And I'm so delighted to see you! J x

  6. Beautiful post and pictures! Your daughter reminds my of my 7-year-old girl. She is also growing up...too fast!

  7. My son really wanted to go to that game too but I think he would have seen more on the big screen at home. Wasn't it a great game! Let's hope the reds win the big one!

    Enjoy the last couple of days of the holidays.

    Best wishes,

  8. Lovely post. So glad you are enjoying every moment with your little girl :) Love the pics especially the last shot. Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.