Thursday, 7 July 2011

Childhood play

I have had a lovely day just catching up on a few chores and reading through some of my favourite blogs. An indulgence that I haven't had the time to partake in recently. I've been enjoying the freedom of the school holidays too much.

Sibs has a friend here and I've been sitting in the study watching them play outside. Making up silly rhyming games on the trampoline and trying (unsuccessfully) to get one of the cats to pretend to be their baby! Cat has now escaped to safety under the house.

They spent the morning ouside just exploring, singing and giggling together. There was a serious few moment when they conducted a funeral service for a bird that had died on the footpath. Sibs took the solemn service and we all put some flowers next to the bird.
When it got a bit windy the girls came in to make a cubby. They have found every cushion and pillow in the house and created a den for themselves. I love the homely touches of the flowers, phone and clock.

When I went to peek inside they were browsing through a souvenir of the recent Royal wedding discussing the various outfits and hats.

 I remember the day when I used to do the same with my sister in my grandparents kitchen. We would open up the drop leaf table and peg a table cloth around it and play house for hours. My lovely gentle grandmother would let us raid the cupboards and have all sorts of things in our make believe house - tins of foods, pots and pans, whatever took our fancy. So this morning when the request came for yet another thing to put in this den I have resisted the urge to think of the tidy up and gone with the flow.

When the confines of the cubby den got a bit much they went to change outfits as they decided that they were famous and were going to do a photo shoot. I was their manager and put  in charge of security and to keep papparazzi away!

Next it was back outside to find the skipping rope.

Some current childhood pastimes are a million miles away from what I knew
and yet as I watched these two play today it seems that some things just don't change...

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  1. What fun Beth, for your girl...I had two sisters so we were always making cubbies out of sheets, strung across the clothes horse or sometimes the washing line...I have just watched "The Holiday"...they have a fantastic cubby in that movie...No worries about the blog award...they don't quite sit right with me either...bit like a blinking chain letter...however, when I recently received two more I felt I couldn't ignore I killed 4 birds with one stone. One lady who sent me one back in march has not been near me since, cause I didn't pass it on (I'm assuming)...I did acknowledge and thank her though! Enjoy the rest of your hols. Robx

  2. Looks like fun! We used to make cubbies as kids as well under the dining room table. We'd collect all the sheets and blankets...drape them until they skimmed the floor...then took all the pillows off the beds for cushions...even ate under them. Such a shame kids don't find a lot of the old games "cool" anymore! Actually, you've given me an idea...I think I'll make one from an old flat sheet to fit over our table for my little one...he'd love that! We have another week of hols...perfect time to get it done. Rob as well x

  3. Ah, I remember now where I saw how to do it! Better Homes & Gardens. I'll scoure the mags tmrw on how to do them. Rob again

  4. Looks like the PERFECT day! Love it

  5. Well shame on you not quite managing to keep the papparazzi away Beth, I mean they appear on this blog :)

  6. Loooks like all girls together had a lovely time. Isn't it funny how we all like to cocoon ourselves in little hideaways! A charming post. Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  7. So lovely to hear of the perfect nothing day. My favourite kind, and this could well have been a day from our childhood. Goes to show despite the technological changes, spending time with a friend and creative play is the best a child could want for.
    I'm looking forward to my reno being done, as trying to juggle kid/life/reno balance makes me guilty.

  8. I loved doing this as a kid. Normally on wet days. I would thank my lucky stars when mum didn't object to us moving all the furniture around. It never occurred to me that she might have been secretly pleased with me occupying myself!!!