Friday, 22 July 2011

Jo Malone goodies

I've been a bit of a Jo Malone fan for some years now and was thoroughly spoilt this week with a box of  goodies from the UK when Neil arrived home from a quick trip to England .
This was my selection.


Dark Amber and Ginger Lily...
a combination of cardamom, orchid and kyara wood designed to cleanse the senses and encourage calmness,
relaxation and positive thought


English Pear and Freesia...
 captures the scent of just-ripe pears, cooled by the air,
ready to twist free from the tree.
The surprising, sensuous freshness of sweet pears is wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, on a subtle background of scrambling wild roses and skin-warming amber, patchouli and woods.

Pomegranate Noir...
uniquely composed around an intensely fruity pomegranate accord that warms on the skin to reveal an incredible sensuality through the combination of patchouli, frankincense and spicy woods. Seductive and utterly compelling.

Someone in that company has such a great way with words...

The other night I bathed in one fragrance, slathered on the body lotion in another fragrance and couldn't resist a quick spray to compliment the wonderful aroma that was engulfing the whole house.
If you're familiar with Jo Malone products you'll know that she suggests 'fragrance combining'. This is a clever concept to layer different fragrances to create your own scent. Her website ( here ) gives suggestions depending on the mood you want to create or feel. It's a great way of using just a few perfumes to create a number of different personal fragrances.
For my birthday a few years ago a couple of lovely friends bought me a cologne collection set of six small bottles, and I loved trying out the various combinations.

Sorry, Australia, as excited as I was to find a Jo Malone counter in the David Jones store, it's so much more expensive than in the UK. Based on current exchange rates some products are almost half the price in the UK...
So armed with my wish list Neil ventured into the Jo Malone boutique in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds, England, and came away with a few things. (I somehow managed to convince him that the more he spent the greater the saving...)
The Dark Amber and Ginger Lily wasn't on my wish list and he picked it out by himself - I was impressed -  very impressed.  Quite a few of the Jo Malone fragrances are suited to both men and women and I suspect that this one might just empty a touch sooner than some of the other bottles on my dressing table!
As long as it lasts until the next trip...

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  1. I have got to check this out - your timing is perfect for me. I love the idea of layering scents

  2. Hey sweet friend!
    I also love Jo Malone.
    I'm all about her rose's amazing.
    You have to sell your
    soul to buy it here, though;
    very, very expensive. There
    may be a trip to the U.K.
    in my future in the next year,
    so I will definitely stock up!
    A couple of years ago I picked
    up one of Jo's Christmas catalogs.
    Be still, my heart.....!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Do you know, it's terrible but I have never even sniffed a Jo Malone, I@m obviously missing out! How lovely that you got such a lovely package with an added surprise, and a bag for your collection! Thanks for your comments Beth, so glad I made you laugh. Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  4. I have never sniffed a Jo Malone fragrance but by the descriptions they smell divine! You lucky thing getting sm many beautiful treats.
    Thanks for your comment about my flowers yesterday. To answer your question. I've set out the garden so the front yard is blues, whites and yellows and out the back is where I have all my red and pink roses along with anything else I might fancy. It's really not that stunning from afar as there are crappy old fences, slabs of concrete and so on that ruin the pretty picture!
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  5. Lovely Blog... consider me a new follower! And thanks for your comment on mine re: The Jo Malone L B and M body lotion. Love the Pomegranate Noir candle especially... Looks like you have a good husband there regarding the shopping in UK - much better VFM there is what I always say!! XX

  6. Oh looks fabulous!! The only way sometimes to buy your favourites when they are cheaper overseas is to wangle a trip there!! I am waiting for my next trip to restock my Clinique, yay!! Love Posie

  7. I just love Jo Malone fragrances, you lucky thing! - Melissa x