Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sharing information

Writing this blog has been quite a learning curve for me...in many more ways than one.

I have had to learn a few technical things along the way,
 but the biggest lesson has been what I'm learning about myself...

Having the opportunity to write freely about whatever I please is pretty liberating. However, I think when I started to write a blog I thought that the only people who would read would be family and lifelong friends who knew me well anyway!
I quickly realised that 'others' were reading...
so I became cautious...
and through this caution I became bored...
with my own blog!

I began to leave the odd comment on a few blogs. Then I began to 'follow' the blogs that I kept returning to read. At first this felt strange as I didn't know the writers. However, these comments were the first steps to getting to know the writers...now it feels like catching up with some good friends over a cuppa.

Ever so slowly I have moved to writing about what I really want, sharing experiences, everyday life events, emotions, thoughts...

As the blog has developed during the last few months I find myself  'conversing' with wonderful people from all over the globe! Unbelievable! My life is so much richer for it. The comments and messages that I received after writing about how it felt to move away from home and settle here in Australia were so thoughtful and supportive - thank you.
I am naturally quite the cynic. I need proof of something; I need to build up a trust. I don't think that any of this is necessarily wrong - it's just a trait. British maybe?? Having a young daughter I am so aware of the wonders and the dangers of the Internet so I tread carefully.
(I have to share that a few months ago I was told off by my mother for posting that I was home alone for the weekend! After my initial "Oh don't be silly" thought, it was quickly followed by a "should I have posted that?")

However, living in Australia has started to erase some of this.
Australians are much more open, welcoming and accepting.
Here, you're a friend unless proven otherwise.
I like that.

I still occasionally think about things too much, but I'm learning to accept more on face value.

Anyone else go through this thought process with their blog writing?

A couple of months ago a journalist contacted me after reading my blog. He was writing an article for British people moving to Australia or New Zealand and wanted to know my story. I sat on the email for a while and then decided that I should write back. We exchanged a few emails, he sent me a link to the magazine I googled him(!), before deciding that it was bone fide, and wrote a few answers to his questions.

The magazine is called 'Australia, New Zealand Outlook'. There is an online version (click here)  if anyone would like to read, (I can only link to the home page of the online mag, my article is on page 34) or the print version is available to buy at the end of July.

I'm still learning, but loving the journey...

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  1. This subject is one I think we can all relate to. When I started blogging I really didn't expect anyone but family to read or interact with me. I get a very hard time from my family about blogging. They have been very forceful about how much they disagree with my sharing my life and have said that they wont read it any more. It makes me feel bad that maybe they are right and I am foolish. Ultimately I don't think anyone but fellow bloggers "Get" the really good things that come from making new friends. We are a crazy bunch but hopefully a friendly one. I chose to live my life open and sharing and trust in the good rather than the bad.

  2. very interesting Beth. I am on pause with my blog at present, partly because it's summer holidays and we have been busy with guests but also because I've been finding it difficult to express my feelings of sadness and loss about the dogs. Lots of my blog is about positives but sharing my thoughts about the dogs and the fact that we didn't keep them seems almost too sad, too personal too private....then therefore, what is the point of the blog if it is only the happy elements of life, that's not real is it!...wait and see on that one. Will look up the magazine, sounds great.

  3. I can relate to so much of what you have said. When I started blogging it was with baby steps...I was very hestitant to leave comments and was even hestitant to write certain posts but as I got more confident I ventured out more, so to speak. Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me and through that I have met many wonderful women who continue to inspire me.
    Continue doing what you do and enjoy the journey :)


  4. I know exactly what you mean Beth. I often find myself questioning whether the things I write on my blog are just too personal. I am (by nature) quite a private person and yet some of the things I have written have really exposed me. I remember very early in my blogging career writing something about Anzac Day and my father. My son (who has always been really supportive of my blogging) phoned me that night and said that he thought the post was just too personal. Got me thinking. It really is a tough one. I'm definitely on the learning journey with you! Off to check out the magazine now. ;)Sharyne

  5. Beth, I can relate
    to every word you've
    written here. After
    years of cautioning
    my kids about the internet
    and "talking" with strangers,
    their mom jumped in and
    did all the stuff they
    were warned against. I
    do think it's a leap of
    faith. And for me, that
    faith has led me to the
    most wonderful people and
    places.....like you : )
    xx Suzanne

  6. When I started my blog, I didn't give much thought as to who might read it - it was a way of keeping family and friends up-to-date with our lives. But when I realised there were people in China and Russia reading it (I don't know anyone in those countries), I got very cautious. Only because I post so many photos of my boys - and as I'm British, possibly a tad paranoid! So now it's restricted - if you don't know it's there, you can't find it.
    Maybe when they're a little bit older I'll be more relaxed about sharing my life with the rest of the world.
    Great article, by the way. It's good to know you had such a positive experience with re-locating to another part of the world.

  7. This is a subject, Beth, that I struggle with daily! I've gone from loving my blogging to wondering if I should continue because of who's reading what and am I giving too much away... etc etc. In the end, I realised it needs to be just what I want it to be. If I'm excited by and happy with the post it goes up. That's my logic for now anyway! A great post... gxo

  8. Hi Beth
    Haven't been around for a while and I think I may have just found out how to leave comments again. Woo Hoo. Like you, I never actually expected anyone to read my blog. The world seems like a smaller place and it definitely is my pull up chair and have a coffee spot. I've always been cautious about exposing too much however. That was my decision from the outset, but everyone is different. I believe you work within your comfort zone. I've enjoyed 'gettingto know you' through our blogs and hope to carry on doing so.

  9. Absolutely! I had no idea where my blogging journey would take me, and I definitely feel you are a part of it as a commentor. I plan to publish mine one day via Blurb.com just for myself as a memory of our time in the UK :)

  10. Oh Beth, this is a fantastic post. I am so thrilled you plucked up the courage to dive into Blogland. I'm so thrilled we've found each other along the way and cherish our friendship. And what a fantastic write-up! Bravo, my friend. J x

  11. Hi Beth! I don't know how I found you but I did and I like it here :-) I agree with you about your thoughts on what to write on a blog. As you I'm an "expat" but from Sweden. Have been here in Australia since 2004 so I know the ups and downs with moving to a new country. I LOVE it here and have no planes on packing up my Aussie family and go home. I have kept in contact via Skype a lot the last 4 years since my children were born. Earlier this year I started to blog only because we were about to start the journey of building a house. I liked the idea of being able to record the progress of the house and also to be able to share it, mostly with my parents, but also with friends back in Sweden. For the first month or so I did not "go public" with my blog, just a few family and friends were reading but then a friend asked if she could mention me in here blog and from there on I got braver and I'm now sharing every post on my FB profile. By reading other peoples blogs and leaving comments I have got more readers like you said. I have already started to think about what I should (or will) blog about when the house is done and we have moved in. Do I want to continue and what do I want to write about? I'm not sure jet but I'm sure it will come to me. One thing is sure, my mum is already talking about "her loss!" when the house is finished :-)
    So thanks for sharing your thoughts it was a really interesting read. I will definitely be back here again.
    Cheers Anette

  12. Hi Beth, sorry I haven't visited in a while. I am catching up on the posts I have missed. I love this one. I never thought that blogging would get so under my skin. When I have been off the computer for a while I really miss it. I find myself thinking about people in their different homes and wondering what they are doing...it's weird! Love Linda x