Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sometimes you can bend the rules...

Last Friday Sibs and I took a day off.

It was all planned, - teacher got a note to explain the absence fom school
 and I organised my day away from work.

The original plan was to just take the morning off to go to a ballet exam...but as the day got closer I kept getting caught up in conversations about what we were both going to do after the exam.
As much as Sibs enjoys Friday afternoons playing touch rugby, she got me with
"but I'll get the chance to just hang out with you - and that doesn't happen very often..."
So I succumbed, and we just hung out together!

very relaxed and enjoying the preparations before the exam.

The obvious thing to do when you finish a morning exam is to head somewhere for morning tea.
(Australians are big on morning and afternoon tea).
So together with quite a few other post ballet exam girls we went to the Milk bar.....on a Friday school day!

big treat cupcake to go with the berry smoothie

We then headed to the shops where the staff made a bit of a fuss of Sibs's ballet hair and she got to spend a bit of pocket money.
We pottered about getting ingredients to make pizzas for tea.
We spent an age washing the hair spray from her stiff as a board hair - it took four washes, plus an extra dollop of conditioner!
By the usual 'just coming in from work time' we were cozy in our pj's (it's dark early here), the fire was crackling, the pizzas were made, the weekend had started.

Now and again it's good to stop and bend the rules a little...

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  1. Hi Beth..your day sounds delightful. I hope she did well in her ballet exam too. It does everybody good to break with routine every now and then!

  2. What a perfect day, it sounds lovely. And no matter how her exam went, she will remember the day for just hanging out with her Mum. Ballet exams terrified our family!!

  3. Sounds delightful!! Me and my girl often go out and have a mother/daughter's a great chance for us to hang out and chat about whatever is on her mind.


  4. You have me suddenly worried. You really have the ballet bun thing going on there! By telling me how fabulous Andie's and Lilly's mum were at doing the best round buns, my ballet miss was telling me how bad my 'let's hope it stays up' buns are. She is taking her first exam in September - what percentage of the mark is given to the bun a) being round b) staying up? I am definitely taking her for a cupcake after to appease her continuing disappointment in my bun skills.
    Sib's looks like a star!

  5. I love days like that - especially the early pjs, crackling fire, homemade pizza part! We still get to enjoy them a couple of times a week (the non-kinder days) and I know I'll really miss those quiet, quality times with my daughter once she's in full-time school next year.

  6. Absolutely Beth...I'm not going to tell you that I visited Aberaeron this weekend....and that my son and I stopped by the Devil's Bridge and walked down to the waterfall and it was absolutely foliage...just, I would only upset you! Robx

  7. I hope the ballet exam was a success, I have fond memories of my own girls doing ballet.

  8. You are such a good mother! I agree that bending the rules is a good things sometimes. This day will no doubt be remembered for a very long time!

    I just realised that somehow I must have unfollowed you but I can't for the life of me work out how that could have happened?? I'm back on the followers list now though. Weird...

    Take care and best wishes for a great weekend!

  9. Yes and making fun and great memories for you and your daughter.


  10. Aw what a lovely day you had with Sibs, and one that she will remember. Well done you! Love Linda x