Friday, 5 August 2011

Banana smiles!

Have you got any idea how much bananas cost in Brisbane??

They are hovering around the $13 per kilo!
(That is roughly £8 per kilo)

A banana is treat time - big style!

Bananas have not graced my grocery list for a little while.
  Sibs was complaining to a work colleague visitor from the UK that came for dinner last week how it was "months and months" since she had a banana (poor deprived child..!).

On Wednesday evening this same lovely lady came to dinner again
and arrived with a bunch of bananas - how kind.

Banana smiles all around!

Happy weekend,

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  1. Better than a fancy bottle of wine, that is a brilliant dinner party gift. The only time my 4 have had bananas since Summer was in Macksville NSW on the way between Canberra & Brisbane last month, we got a bunch of small bananas, but hell, still bananas, 8 of them, nicely divided between the children, for less than $7. They were fantastic, from a road side fruitery, love Posie

  2. They really are an extravagance, aren't they? I don't remember the last time I ate one. Looks like being a while before I do too :)
    Ps the one in the pic looks yummy!

  3. That's expensive, they must taste good!

    I stumbled upon your blog while 'blog-hopping' and I'm always interested to read of people who have moved and live abroad. I too left Britain and now live happily in Malaysia.

    Keep in touch

    Duncan In Kuantan

  4. Ha! Don't get me started on blueberries. Our local fruit store has a sign saying "No cash or bananas kept on the premises overnight".

  5. Hee hee, every time a cyclone hits you find yourself sharing out a banana, banana bread disappears off the menu. Never mind think of how wonderful it will be when they return to their normal price range and we can remember that this is a sign of QLD returning to normal.

  6. I read yesterday where banana growers in non Yasi affected areas were making close to $1m a week on banana sales. Good luck to them. Unfortunately bananas are one of those crops that at the first decent blow tend to fall over. My husband arrived home last night with a lovely bunch of bananas he bought at a roadside stall somewhere between Cooktown and Lakeland Downs for $2/kilo! ;)Sharyne

  7. I cannot remember the last time we bought bananas! Normally we bake banana bread every couple of weeks but not for ages. Now it is carrot cakes for lunch boxes!

  8. Fruit has become so expensive which is why we have really learnt to appreciate just how lucky we are to be living in such a productive garden, both fruit and veg. Sadly though no bananas here either!

  9. Wow who would have thought bananas would be so expensive in OZ. Don't they grow there? Love Linda x