Monday, 8 August 2011

"You like vinegar in your salad don't you?"

This morning as I was showering my girl headed downstairs for breakfast.

When I got to the kitchen she proudly told me that she was making her own pack up lunch
and had prepared mine too.

There was a huge slice of left over pizza, a small tub of salad, a muesli it gets interesting...

some feta cheese that she didn't want to cut (as it was slimy), vinegar - Malt vinegar?

"You like vinegar in your salad don't you?"

(yes, but, ummm that would be Balsamic...)
No words needed....just a thank you cuddle.

precious times.

Caru ti Sibs

10 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Hi looks like you were spoiled this morning by your lovely daughter! Sorry I haven't been over in a few days, I have just caught up..bananas haven't been on my shopping list lately either..and the shoes are wonderful.

  2. Hi,

    That's awfully good of her to prepare the food for you. I wonder how many times she's been eating salad with vinegar?!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  3. I must try some malt vinegar on my salad. Ha! Sibs is an excellent helper. I only get food made from sand or playdough.

  4. Hats of to your girl wanting to look after you, vinegar and all :)


  5. Aw, how sweet :)
    Reminds me of when my husband put balsamic vinegar in the water to poach eggs, so we had purplish eggs for breakfast.
    x Rhi

  6. Precious times indeed... happy day to you. gxo

  7. HaHa! Great lunch. Packed with love. I'll put my order in now for mine, just hold the vinegar darling!

  8. What a great girl you have Beth! Love Linda x

  9. What a sweet girl you have! I'll take the salad with the malt vinegar - I've been craving vinegar throughout my pregnancy and could put it on anything! x x

  10. "It's the thought that counts" right! Love the story. Can't wait for the day when my two little helpers start to "help out". I'm sure they will come up with a treat or two LOL.
    //Anette :-)