Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Birki bargains!

Do you like my Winter shoes?

I took this photo by accident whilst playing around with my phone.

These shoes make me smile...they are so different to anything else that I own.
They were bought on a complete whim,/a spur of the moment/ a 'what the heck' impulse buy!

I do have a bit of a thing for shoes...
and I also have a bit of a thing for a bargain and sometimes these two things combine!
Let me tell you...

Apart from when in work shoes, most of the time my feet spend their time in open shoes.
When I moved to Australia, I quickly wore out my summer shoes as I was wearing them for about 10 months a year as opposed to 10 weeks a year back in the UK!
Time for some shopping...

If you like Birkenstock, here is a bargain website http://www.footshopping.com/
You can buy direct from Germany and save lots of $$$.
I usually group together with a few friends to bump up the order so that we save on the postage costs -
(if you spend over a certain amount postage is free.)
With regards to the above Winter shoes, in order to save the postage costs
I needed to spend just a little bit more...so these found their way into the virtual basket.

I now own...well, let's just say quite a few pairs of shoes courtesy of this website.
Fortunately, or unfortunately my feet won't grow any more...but Sibs will need some Summer footwear...

 These are so cute...

...and these

 ...and these

...or maybe these!

(All images (apart from my feet!) from here.)

10 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Awesome - i also get mine from there with friends. those are so cute. I have been meaning to post to tell you how much I enjoy your blog - we visit Cardiff whenever we are back in UK (hubby is English / I am American and we live here in Brisbane) and actually planned our NYC wedding while holed up in a B&B in Wales for 3 (rainy)days.

  2. Hi again! Love the pink with the shared heart. Makes me smile :-)
    //Anette :-)

  3. I do, I do!
    And can't believe
    they are Birkies....
    I might just become
    a convert : ) !
    xx Suzanne

  4. They make me smile as well! I love "what the heck" impulse buys - I've been doing a bit of that recently. ;)Sharyne

  5. Thanks for sharing the website. I'm a bit of a Birkie fan myself owning 3 pairs - but honestly can you have too many?!

  6. Yes I do like them! They look so comfy. I live in my Birkenstocks in summer but I think a new pair is in order this year! gxo

  7. wow- beth i live in mine!!

    i have bought three pairs since moving here as they are so much cheaper than OZ!!!!

    my sister-in-law bought three pairs in my village in april- as they are only about £26 a pair.....

    great website!!!
    will be passing that onto my aussie friends...

    love yours...melissa xx

  8. oooh yes i do love your shoes!!