Monday, 29 August 2011

Party week wrap up (part1)

Well, well, well...where has the time gone...?

My girl has turned 9.

There's something 'big girl' about being 9 don't you think?

"I have a  9 year old daughter"  - sounds so grown up.
What will it feel like when she hits double figures?

Sibs informed me on the morning of her birthday that she was now a 'tweenager'.
I'm not even sure that she knows what this means - but it sounds scary!

So what kind of a week has it been....?

Well, it's been pretty full that's for sure.
There is so much that I want to write about the past week, but today I'll just keep it to the birthday party.
I'll share the other exciting happening later on this week...

The cakes were made, presents were bought and aprons were finished in time for the party,

The girls decorated the aprons in various designs and then decided that they would add their signatures to each one. What a lovely idea.  Even better than I imagined.
They then got to keep their apron to take home after the party.

They enjoyed making their own pizzas, but not as much as they enjoyed getting stuck into the chocolate fountain - now that was a huge hit!
Messy - but a hit.

I wonder if there were any sore tummy's that night?

The next day Sibs was lucky enough to get an invite to another party.
Just the kind of party she needed after a crazy week - a pamper party.
Six 'tweenagers' were treated like superstars.

Oh, how I would have loved to have gatecrashed!

5 Comments and thoughts:

  1. It looks like she had a ball! I can imagine why the chocolate fountain was enjoyed so much. And the pampering the next day. Perfect!

  2. Cool aprons!!! And such a great idea to let them decorate them, love it.
    And I am definitely filing away the chocolate fountain idea for future years :)
    I'm still recovering from our sugar intake here, but will try to get a post up soon with our little party pictures too.
    x Rhi

  3. Looks to have been a great day Beth, well done on the aprons, really good idea and a nice keepsake as well. We had the christening yesterday, great sucess, managed to end up taking boys home and babysitting whilst everyone else celebrated into the evening, hubby included, very sorry state, more than happy he was home and in bed before i got back?! birthdays do creep up and when their double figures are in the 30's thats when you feel old!! You are still very much a youngster. Love to alll Wendy & Al xxxxxxx

  4. Oh a very Happy Birthday to your darling Sibs. I know exactly what you mean Beth when you say "where has the time gone?" I still have to pinch myself to believe that my baby girl is 24! It seems like only yesterday that she and her girlfriends were making pizzas and having party sleepovers. Treasure every single moment.
    PS - Great job with the aprons!

  5. Happy Birthday to Sibs! What a fab time she had. I love the pink sequinned gown at the pamper party! Many thanks for your visit, glad you liked the silly photos. I had a great party, thanks. Love Linda x