Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What was I thinking...?

There is an important event happening here this week -
a 9th birthday and a party to go with it.

It's all a bit of a mad rush to get things together.

I love birthdays, and I usually get organised weeks ahead and start planning and preparing and putting things together....not this year!

Somehow the "weeks until my birthday" conversations changed into days and now it's almost hours!

Sibs is having a pizza party where the girls will top their own pizzas before cooking and eating them., followed by strawberries dipped in a chocolate fountain.
I have agreed to make the dough but they get to do what they want from then on...

This has the potential for getting a little messy, so I had the bright idea of getting them each an apron
and then they could keep it to take home in their party bag.
Yesterday I went searching for aprons...hmm, slight problem...
They were too big, too small, too expensive!

In my wisdom I decided that I would make the aprons.
(what was I thinking?)

I'll add it to the list of ...
Making cup cakes to take in for her class mates...
Making a birthday cake...
Making cup cakes for the party...
Buying the party bag goodies...
Buying little prizes for the games...
Buying pizza toppings,
Making the 'pin the slice on the pizza' game...
Finding the chocolate fountain and all it's little parts (and keeping fingers crossed it works!)

Oh and in the middle of all this I've agreed to do a few more hours at my work place this week!

What was I thinking indeed!!

I shouldn't be sitting at the keyboard now, so back to the grindstone!

Wish me luck - it's going to be a crazy week...


7 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Oh Beth!
    That sounds like Sians birthday except that I ordered the pizzas from Domino's! The chocolate fountain was a hit with her friends but they were all dressed in swimmers and got back in the pool after so no aprons required!
    Good luck and remember a few deep breaths every now and again.

  2. That sounds EXACTLY like something I would do ;)
    It's Milla's birthday (and party) on Saturday, so I am living the birthday prep along with you. No aprons here, but I have been considering individually sewn goodie bags. Maybe I will just buy some tacky plastic ones instead!
    Hope you all have a lovely lovely birthday and party! xx Rhi

  3. Hi Beth..you sound just like me..full of grand ideas for birthdays and just not enough time to put them into action exactly the way I want to in my head! All the best!

  4. Ha! The things we do. Good woman! Good Mother!

  5. Congratulations to the birthday girl and I hope Mum comes up trumps.

  6. Why do we do this to ourselves? I am so guilty of grand ideas and not having enough time to execute them.
    I am sure it will be a grand party :)

  7. I'm smiling to
    myself because I
    am just like you
    and always bit off
    A LOT to make b-days
    special for my kids.
    And you know what?
    Even at 12 and 16
    they still love it
    when I make a big
    fuss for their parties,
    down to the last detail.
    And they still love
    to remember all the
    special parties from
    years gone by. So,
    you might miss a bit
    of sleep now, but it
    WILL be appreciated!
    xx Suzanne