Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dancing through Life

This is a week of weeks in our place.
(Talk about getting back to reality with a thump after a holiday!)

My little rugby loving girl is performing at QPAC this week in a ballet. The show is called "Dancing through Life" which is very appropriate for Sibs as she usually dances and prances around as opposed to walking anywhere

She is part of a performance put on by  Ashgrove Dance Studio. The first half is the junior dancers who will perform dances depicting the months of the year, and the second half is the senior students showcasing all forms of dance including classical ballet, tap, jazz.
I have had a sneak peak during some rehearsals and it's looking pretty good....

Due to the terrible flooding that shut down the theatres at QPAC at the beginning of this year the show had to be moved from the usual November slot to this week.
The dancers and teachers put in a tremendous amount of work to get the show ready and it is a joy to see the faces of the little ones when they get their costumes on and wait to go behind stage. There appears to be no stage fright - just excitement.

Sibs has been dancing since she was quite little - it's something that she asked to do since I think she could talk! I particularly like the dance studio that she attends as the emphasis is on enjoyment. The teachers are well respected and the older girls help out with the littlies and there is a real sense of friendship. The young ones watch the other classes perform and aspire to do what they do.

The bit I like the most is that the show costumes, dances and music is age-appropriate...if you know what I mean.

Sibs is desperate to have pointe ballet shoes and can't wait until she's older. I recently took her to watch Swan Lake and she sat for the three and a half hours completely mesmerised. I think I watched her as much as I watched the ballet!

So if you're a local and fancy some entertainment this week here is the link.

If you can't make the show and just for a giggle here is a promotional couple of minutes video from the show a few years ago.
Watch out for the little girl in pink attacking a sausage! (55 seconds in) - Sibs's moment of glory!!

5 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Oh God that made me laugh. I was expecting her to be dancing up a storm with the sausage - not eating it! Classic.

    But how wonderful that she's found something she really enjoys to do. Good luck with the show! xx

  2. Wow, that is so professional...especially the sausage eating little fantastic that she wants to be a ballerina. I would have loved to dance and I always thought that I was a perfect candidate to be a ballerina seeing I had such a flat chest!! Robx

  3. Lovely, lovely post, she is really in her element then if she can watch 3,5 hours, I wish my oldest would like dancing, she is too shy though, but she loves to perform drama. Thanks Beth for your kind comment, really loved reading it and sure, use the 3 words, spread them around, hopefully more people will use them right?
    Talk soon again, have a good Thursday!
    Maureen xx

  4. btw, I'm still in envy mode about living in Oz, love the lifestyle....sigh....hopefully one day we can come and really walk around there.....Mx

  5. Oh, I wish I could!
    Sounds like a great studio
    that Sibs works with.....I
    like their philosophy : )
    Best of luck to the little
    dancer for a terrific show!
    xx Suzanne