Monday, 10 October 2011

The week that was

This is my favourite part of the house.

It's small and insignificant with no view, but I love it. It brings a little of the outside into the kitchen and living area and because of the security of the lattice (that is backed by the all important insect screen) the doors are open for about ten months a year.

This is where I go to escape.

See the tranquil setting for morning tea on Sunday?

That is to disguise the chaos that was behind me in the kitchen!

I am seriously tired....the kind of tired that you can feel in your bones. You see, this week I have lived spent a considerable amount of time here -

I posted last week about Sibs performing in a ballet, it was a fabulous experience, but it seemed to be an all consuming week... Dress rehearsals, shows, stage make up and hair, eating out of a packed up box, organising lifts to save taking out a mortgage for car parking at South Bank! Then the painter at home wanting decisions about shades of white...!
I spent the beginning of the week cooking and preparing food that she could eat at the theatre, then after work and school it was straight back stage to the rather loud dressing room with over a hundred excited dancers. You wouldn't believe the noise!

my little dancing doll

Each night we would arrive home and Sibs would just about make it into the shower and fall into bed. Next morning she was itching to get going again...

By the time we got to Sunday, that's all I wanted to do was sit in my favourite spot with the papers and drink coffee.

So Neil and Sibs took off up the road to the French patisserie and brought back the pain au chocolat and I prepared the coffee.

Sounds blissful?

Well, not quite!

What you can't see in the first photo above is the trail of extension leads and mess in the kitchen behind me. The electricity decided that it would play up on Sunday morning.

The fridge was being powered from the socket in the living room, the coffee machine was carried into the study, the dishwasher had to be emptied of dirty dishes....getting the picture?

As I type this our tea for tonight is cooking away in the slow cooker - next to me on the study desk!

So did we relax on Sunday afternoon? ....oh no!

A bit of a tidy and it was all go again as we headed off on our "Stay at home Rugby World Cup tour".
After a glorious win by the Welsh on Saturday night, we headed off to watch the Wallabies overcome South Africa. Talk about tense!

There are a few people missing from the final whistle shot below - the tension was too much and they sought refuge on the balcony ! We had to drag Sibs away from watching New Zealand in the second game of the evening - early bed was calling.

Sibs in her NZ rugby shirt and a relieved cheer for the Wallabies.

Next weekend we get to do it all again for the semi-finals when Wales go up against the French and Australia play New Zealand....will the nerves take it?

And so it brings me to Monday. The house is quiet, the kitchen has been cleared, and life seems to be resembling a little bit closer to normal.

I do try and live the moments...just sometimes I wish all the moments wouldn't all happen at once!

Off to sit in that favourite spot I think...

Have a great week,

(Go the Welsh!)

4 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Oh Beth, that does sound a full-on affair for the ballet. Well done you for helping out so much. No wonder you feel like retreating to your pretty and quiet space! J x

  2. Gorgeous spot Beth and every busy Mum needs a place to retreat.
    All the hours and expense for our children's activites are so worth it. Nicely rounded young adults are usually the result.
    Annie xx

  3. Goodness Beth, it's all happening in your corner. I love your corner by the way, it's so pretty the way the light comes through the lattice. Congratulations to Sibs, and good luck with the Rugby next weekend. Love Linda x

  4. I love your relaxing spot-I need one of those! Glad the performances went well!