Monday, 24 October 2011

Did you see the Queen?, neither did we...

but we did try...

See the drawn curtains on the top deck - she was in there....hiding!

I have to admit to being a little indifferent about the monarchy. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing much against them, it's just I don't come over all sentimental and patriotic. Anyhow Sibs mentioned a few days ago that we would like to go and see the Queen on her visit to Brisbane. As the day drew nearer she pulled the "it's part of my history" card and of course she knew that would get me!

I had a quick look at the arrangements for the Royal four hour trip to the city, and not wanting to battle the expected 100,000 at South Bank for the walkabout, decided that we would wander down to the river and watch the Royal boat go past, give a wave, take a few photos and all would be well...

We got to our spot about and hour and a half before she was due to go past and there was a smattering of people there.

Sibs patiently walked up the riverside....

...then down the riverside...

We watched a lot of the police and security patrols go up and down.
Some were even on jet skis which looked like a lot of fun.

After a while we felt a little sorry for the flag selling man, so we parted with $4
... and that filled about five minutes of the wait...

There was some excitement when the students from the school on the hill opposite came out to cheer....
she was getting close...

Then around the corner came this -

and everyone snapped away, until someone realised it was just a city cat on it's usual run down the river.

False alarm!

Never mind, seconds behind came a fleet of police escort boats and then
'Pure Adrenalin' - that's the name of the boat....not what I was feeling!

There she is!


In there somewhere?

Really, I can't see her.

Umm, neither can I actually....

Neither could any of the other three hundred or so gathered at the river bank...

It appears that Her Majesty was not going to make an appearance,
 not even for the press who were in close pursuit behind.

Maybe if I keep waving she'll come out?

So after she got all dressed up and even bought a flag to wave, the morning was a little disappointing for my little nine year old Sibs. At least she can say that she was there when the Queen went past in a boat!

Maybe we should have joined the thousands who apparently started arriving at South Bank at 3am to get a good spot...?

So we ditched the flag, climbed a tree, came home to watch the TV coverage of the Royals arrive to the crowds at South Bank, had some lunch and will put it all down to part of our history.

12 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Ah, what a disappointment for Sibs! Poor thing. She'll always remember the day she nearly saw the Queen, but she'll also remember the trouble you took to take her. And she'll appreciate that more ;-)

  2. Morning hon,
    well at least her mama tried so you score big points right? I think it's sweet of her to want to see the queen, hope you have a good week!
    Maureen xx

  3. Oh classic! Near enough is good enough, I say. Sibs will definitely remember her near miss with the Queen when she's an old lady!! xx

  4. Not quite what you'd expect! I did see her on tv when she wandered out on the back deck, but she still didn't wave at the bystanders on the river bank...a shame. Sibs looked lovely in her summery floral dress, perfect for the occasion..if there was going to be one!

  5. It still seemed like a nice day out nonetheless. You probably got closer to her than I ever have!

  6. Love that photo of your darling Sibs and the flag! (Love her dress and cute little sunhat also.) I remember my grandmother taking me to see the Queen in Sydney in 1963 and how she shoved me to the front of a huge crowd of people so I could wave my little flag as she drove by. Such a thrill. These days I doubt if I would make the effort. Such a shame that you didn't get to see her but at least you can say you were there! ;)Sharyne

  7. Aussies do appreciate her visits, I saw her years ago in Melbourne, nobody much was about and she was slowly motoring past Flinders Street a great look at her and Phillip (I'm sure they waved at me)...the funny thing is I've seen and heard less about the Royal Family here in England than I ever did in Oz...they don't seem to be as news worthy here...other than during the recent wedding of course! Robx

  8. Poor Sibs! Not quite the Royal visit she was hoping for. At least you tried!

  9. Imagine how differently
    you would have viewed
    the Queen had she pushed
    those curtains aside to
    wave to your sweet girl!
    What darling pictures
    you captured of your own
    little princess, Beth : )
    xx Suzanne

  10. loved this tale!!

    Sibs is gorgeous- sun kissed little aussie that she is watching a bit of *her history* {queen in hiding and all} go past!

    maybe the heats getting to the lovely old thing- remember it's 8 deg here- and she's on the edge of summer out there- and it never really gets cold is Brissy anyway does it!?

    we'll drop her a *g'day* when we head to London next month for Sibs- although she looks just as happy in her tree!

    great story beth!

    Melissa xx

    PS- she really is gorgeous in that dress, birky's and hat! x

  11. Sounds like a real day of excitement! With all the photos I've seen of the Queen smiling and waving, I would have thought she was more a of crowd pleaser. The trailing media boat really is something! Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club :) XOLaura

  12. Clever post! Lovely photographs; makes me want to visit Australia.