Friday, 28 October 2011

Which library would you choose?

This is the library at the University where I studied many moons ago...

I remember it well...
It smelt of a library.
It was always quiet.
You more of less picked a spot at a table and that was yours for the duration.
You could tell what someone was studying just by where they were sitting

This is the University library that I went to today.

It was colourful.
It was vibrant.
It was noisy and busy.

How is this for a ceiling of books?



Even though there was colour and space and gadgets, and plenty of light,
I think I'm still pulled by the first image...

It might be the memories that it provokes,
or it might be the traditionalist in me,
...or it might just be what I like.

Which library would you choose?

11 Comments and thoughts:

  1. I would definitely choose the first one. The peace and quiet make it so good for studying and set it apart as a special place.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. Oh, the first. Without question, Beth. What a haven! J x

  3. Oh definiately the first! So very peaceful and full of treasures.

  4. I love the first one without a doubt. It's so warm with all the timber and a library should be quiet and still... somewhere to lose yourself for a while. Just lovely! gxo

  5. I'd like a combination of the two please. The first is a beautiful space but nothing can beat the speed and accessability of the internet over traditional reading research...why would you want to spend hours finding old books on jane Austen when you can find research so quickly now on the internet? I'd still like to read my internet research in the first room though...

  6. I do like both but if I had to choose I might go to the first. But then I'd be happy anywhere there's some books :)
    Thank you for your message this evening x

  7. Oh, I like this game. I'd go with the first too. As far as libraries go, I like handsome but approachable--maybe that's how I like my men too :)

  8. Oh without a doubt the first library Beth, it looks so warm and cosy which is conducive to reading and studying.
    Annie xx

  9. Easy peasy, I would sit for hours on end in the first one! I LOVE that kind of places, you where lucky to have such a beautiful place to study.
    Maureen xx

  10. The first library is for me. The second looks more like a trendy coffee shop in a busy shopping centre. Not really a place I could concentrate and learn...

  11. Personally, I would definitely go for no.1, but I am glad that the Library is moving with the times and is a cool place that kids today want to go to.We have a new Library in our town, not as modern as yours, but it is miles better than the old one. We are waiting for someone to take on the cafe, and it will be complete. I absolutely love the Library! Thanks for sharing, love Linda x