Saturday, 15 October 2011

Good luck Wales

We're ready - Come on Wales!

Taffy is all dressed up in Sibs' old rugby shirt and although he's breathing in for the photo it still looks a little tight around that tummy....a few too many welsh cakes I think!

This is a big weekend for Wales in terms of rugby...the boys have made it to the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand and we will be watching tonight. I'm missing all there is to miss about being home today...

Pob lwc Cymru, good luck Wales

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3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Gutted!
    Totally Gutted!
    A very sad house here tonight.
    Even Byron was talking about sending you this

  2. Oooh yes, that was on last night, wasn't it? How did Wales go? Rachaelx

  3. So unfair! They were cheated!
    They played amazingly and we were in disbelief here at the red card - even then with 1 man down they were incredible - we were gutted for them.
    Gill xx