Thursday, 13 October 2011

Do you write letters?

I wrote a letter this week...
a proper letter using a pen and paper.
I can't remember the last time I did that.

I usually scribble a quick note in cards that I send, but this was a stand alone letter.

I have become so used to the immediacy of emails and texting that I had almost forgotten what it was like to sit and use a pen to write paragraphs and pages...Crossing out the odd mistake rather than hitting delete took a little getting used to!

Forgive me for sounding like an old fuddy-duddy, but isn't this quite sad? Are we really moving to an age where we will lose the ability to hand write anything more than a quick shopping list. (Actually, I've just realised that I now use my phone to note down my shopping list...aahh!)

In our little family we often write each other notes. I include little messages in Sibs's lunchbox every now and again and especially if she has something special happening in her day. I am rewarded with the occasional note on my pillow or in place of my bookmark.
Last week Sibs received a card from her Gu (Welsh Grandma) and a letter from Papa in England, and I received a gorgeous handwritten thank you note from the ever thoughful  Jane (Life on planet baby).It was so lovely to open the envelopes and read the messages.

Ht made me realise that we had very slowly moved away from real writing in this house. I have become guilty of sending thank yous via email or worse still via Facebook...(oh, the shame!)

So I vow to bring back letter writing.


 Well, Sibs and I are slowly working through the Jane Austen DVD collection and she is fascinated by the quaint customs and manners. She has observed the importance of letters as the means of communication so I will use this to encourage her...

I don't think I will give up instant messaging (way too convenient), but when I can, it will be snail mail here we come....!

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  1. Oh Beth, you darling. It was such a pleasure to send it to you. I love this post! Hear, hear, I say. It's something we are trying ready hard to instil into the pixies. To see their delight when they receive handwritten mail is gorgeous. Good luck with your plans! J x

  2. I agree Beth, although my handwriting is abominable, I love stationery and the fact that a handwritten letter is so much more personal. I have a scrawled note that my Dad (who died 10 years ago), enclosed with a gift for my youngest son...we were living in Yeppoon at the time and Mum and Dad used to send things to the kids...well that note is just great for me to look at every now and then cause it's Dad's actual handwriting, and as he was a's really a bit of him. Robx
    p.s. the little espresso cups were from Country Road, years ago...they do have some natty things sometimes.

  3. Hear Hear Beth, received only yesterday a lovely card and stuff and when you are least expecting it, makes it all the nicer. I'm sure half the children in schools nowadays only use a keyboard and not a really nice pen and paper. There is so much lovely stationery our there, Bring back the quill and ink!! Well praps not go that far XX Al & Wend

  4. Good for you Beth. I do agree, we do seem to be losing the art of letter writing, and it is a shame.Lois likes to write little stories and make them into books, so I will have to keep encouraging her. Thankyou for your comments, it is very exciting to have a new neice. I haven't seen her in a week, getting withdrawal symtoms! Have a lovely weekend, Love Linda x

  5. Funny, I just
    organized all my
    cards and stationery
    yesterday and made
    a resolution to
    jump-start my use
    of it! Who doesn't
    just love a card or
    letter in the mailbox?
    Time to start our own
    little letter writing
    xx Suzanne

  6. LOVING this blog!!!