Thursday, 10 November 2011

It's Mo-vember

Sibs and I are showing our support for Movember.

As Neil is doing his bit by growing a moustache,
it's the least that we can do!

Movemeber is an initiative to raise awareness of mens health issues - specifically prostate cancer and depression.

This is the third year that Neil has been involved and each year his moustache growing technique is improving.

He has gone straight for the 'handlebar' design this time. No messing around with trying out different looks. I think he has come to the conclusion that whatever moustache he wears, it looks slightly ridiculous! Some men can pull it off whilst others....

So this weekend he will be rising early to complete a 10k sponsored run that's up and down a mountain.

Here's a photo from a previous Movember run, and yes, that is a pink tutu!

Sibs and I will be there at the finish line to cheer on the runners and to have a giggle at some of the costumes.

We are going to make some fake moustaches to wear to join in with the fun.

I'll take the camera...

Go Neil!

7 Comments and thoughts:

  1. brilliant fund raiser!

    & i do love me some fake moustaches & pink tutu's!!

    Melissa (Miss Sew & So)

  2. I always say you can't beat a man in a tutu! I hope he raises lots of money. Thanks for visiting my blog Beth xx

  3. The mo and the tutu look smashing on your hubs and the photo of you girls is gorgeous.
    Best of luck raising oodles of money.

  4. I particularly like the photoshopped beard on you Beth. Personally, I don't need any technical wizardry to make it look like i've got a beard. i just let it grow.

    Pob lwc gyda Movember ... brill cause x

  5. All fab Beth,never seen Neil as fetching!?! Good cause though, Alistair actually starting to do some work in the gym,shock horror. We both have been swimming for a while but he went to have programme done this morning, hopefully doing a 5k santa fun run, watch this space. Good luck to Nee's he won't need it i'm sure, photo's please xxxx Wend

  6. Way to do Neil! It's a great cause. I love your photoshopping technique too!

  7. Well done Neill. My husband Paul, is taking part this year too. I have been in denial about him being a red head, but with a ginger moustache, there is no mistaking it! Help! Roll on the end of November! Love Linda x