Monday, 7 November 2011

Sun, sea, sand...

...and prawns!

That was my day Sunday.

A lovely distraction from the end of last week.

Last Thursday my girl was not well, and unfortunately she got worse before she got better  - it all got a bit dramatic at one point, but thankfully all is good again now.  (thank you for the well wishes) Children can bounce back to health so quickly and it's the parent who is left a bit shaken...
Anyhow, after the usual Saturday routines of market shopping, ballet class and friends around for dinner, we decided to make the most of this lovely place and headed to the beach on Sunday.


 I even went walking on the sand...twice!

I am turning in to a real Aussie.

Those that know a little bit about me will know that the beach has not been my favourite place, but I think I have just been going to the beach at the wrong times. A hot sticky day with too many people is not my scene. Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day - okay, it was still 28 degrees... but it was slightly breezy and once the sun went down (which is always so early here) it was heavenly.

Shall I go as far as to say that I enjoyed being on the beach...?

At the end of a great few hours catching up with some lovely friends we packed an esky/cool box and headed out to sit in the park for tea.
Sibs learnt how to peel a prawn and even though she wasn't too impressed with the taste she can now add prawn preparing to her list of Aussiness!

Happy times.


Off to start the week by going out to get some coffee beans - we've run out.....shivers!!

6 Comments and thoughts:

  1. glad that Sibs is better. Owain was also ill with tummy upset and it seemed to go on and on for ages and then they end up really skinny don't they? As you say, the kids are ok it's the mums that fret. Beach looks lovely. I am envious as it's been grey and bleak here over the weekend. The beach is one of my favourite places to go ever!! The prawns look pretty good too. Owain loves them and will happily peel and eat about ten given the chance, Aoife's not so sure!

  2. Now you're really making me I look out the window onto a grey, dreary day, here in England. That pic of the beach with the Casuarinas framing the sky and the water....anyway, I will get you back...I'm heading to Wales (I think), this weekend...Robx

  3. Sooo sooo jealous Beth, scenery looks so fantastic, although having said that had two beautiful days up here, lovely frost this morning but as i type this the clouds have taken over!! Glad Sibs is better, nothing worse than a poorly child. Neil looks a little scary with is "tash" Will show Alistair?! xxx Wendy

  4. Heaven Beth- and she is slowly becoming more aussie than my kids over here- we did cockles and you did prawns and an esky!!

    love your photos and glad she's on the mend hon....

    melissa (Miss Sew & So)

  5. Hi Beth, As you know I am back from my travels and I am now busy catching up with all my favourite bloggers. It is taking awhile as you have all been so productive in my absence. I have enjoyed all your recent posts with a cup this afternoon. This post has made me pine for Asia already and we have only been home days. So sorry to hear about your daughter but pleased she made a quick recovery. Take Care.

  6. Fabulous pictures Beth, you won't be missing the rain and the biting winds then? Love Linda x