Thursday, 3 November 2011

Looking after my girl

Whose bed is it again? Who's the boss in this house I wonder?

Little Sibs was all squashed against the wall when I went to do my good night check last night, whilst Twmff the cat was King of the Castle all stretched out and fast asleep.

These two are best buddies, so I'm sure she would have called him for a cuddle or to share a story and he would have just made himself comfy and decided to stay put.

I've posted before about the lovely way that Twmff looks out for Sibs, but it would appear that she also makes allowances for him...

Got to love them.

A few hours after this photo we had 'one of those nights'.....
The "I feel sick" call that always comes when you are in the deepest of sleeps.
Our day started around 2am, so it's a pyjama morning here. The poor little poppet really isn't well and she's been various shades of green, grey and white already.

The bucket is close to hand....

Duty calls - need to top up the water glass and mop a brow and supply another cuddle...

Beth x

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7 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Oh, I hope you daughter is feeling better soon. Your cat looks so cozy!

  2. Aww, poor thing! Hope she feels better soon!

  3. That is one enormous cat! If I had had a cat growing up I would have let it sleep in my bed too. Hope Sibs is on the mend soon. I had a little girlie home sick on Tuesday, so it was a day of quiet and cuddles, which is actually very nice once in a while.

  4. Hope your girl
    is better, soon!

    I need to sneak in
    and take a picture like
    that of Gracie with
    her charges...She mainly
    sleeps with my girl, but
    she's grudgingly been
    allowing her brother to
    take G now and then, so
    it won't be so hard when
    she goes to
    21 months : )

    xx Suzanne

  5. Ahh Bless big hugs from A, Wend, Max & Monty. Same here Monty sleeps on my feet and if Max gets on the bed I have no chance, trouble is if I move they follow but if Al does no chance!!! Hope all better soon xxxxxxxx

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  7. Sorry to hear that sibs has been unwell. I know she will have received lots of tlc.Love Linda x