Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sunday Movember running.

It's hotting up over here - it was 29 degrees this morning before it even hit 9am.
Spring is getting a bit of a push to make way for Summer I think.

I've noticed that the gardens are starting to change and my lavender flowers are starting to die back.
The huge Jacaranda tree on the way to school is shedding it's beautiful lilac petals to create the most gorgeous looking carpet across the road.

On Sunday morning at some silly o'clock Sibs and I went to cheer on the brave souls
running up Mount Coot-tha for the Movemeber run.
As we were waiting for them to start we spotted a Jacaranda that was holding on to its flowers.

I will never get over how wonderful these trees look in bloom.
Shame it only lasts a couple of months.

This photo gives you an idea of the hill at the start of the race, although I don't think it looks as steep as it actually is in real life. Can you imagine starting a run uphill?

The person in red is the mascot for the radio station that was sponsoring the event and he started running with the runners, pretended to pull a muscle and came hobbling down the hill shaking his head!

 If you look closely Neil is in a bit of fancy dress.
He was dressed as a fairy last year and this year decided to adopt a hula-hula theme!
Here's a better shot of the grass skirt, necklace and bracelet.
All for charity....

Neil wasn't the only one to dress up. This gentleman was taking part in the 5km event.
He is 78 years old - what a hero!

Of course we had to do our bit to join in - all be it from the sidelines.

Then it was home for a leisurely morning to enjoy the glorious weather and to relax
- all of this before breakfast on a Sunday morning!

Well done Neil - proud of you.

P.S. Sibs wants her hula-hula skirt back!

4 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Well done to Neil for taking part in such a tough run.

    I could really do with your pool today... hot, hot, hot! gxo

  2. Amazing - you guys were warmer than us this morning! Just love Jacaranda trees. Unfortunately they are a bit like the Poincianas - they don't hold their flowers for a long time. Still, they certainly make a spectacular show. ;)Sharyne

  3. Oh yes the Jacaranda trees....so beautiful. Well done Neill, that does look like a tough run, and in hot weather too!
    Thankyou so much for your comments Beth, I am very touched by them. Sorry I have left so many comments at once today, trying to get up to date! Have a great week. I hope Sibs is fully recovered now? Much love, Linda x

  4. I love Jacaranda trees - remind me of LA.

    Well done to your husband - he looks surprisingly fetching in his hula skirt!