Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Open doors.

Come in, let me hold the door open for you...
mind that stray shoe on the front deck.

Let me tell you how much of a pleasure it is to have doors that can stay open.
Especially now that the temperature is rising and Summer is most definitely on it's way.

Growing up in the UK and spending a big chunk of time in North Yorkshire 
('up North in't Dales" ) I am so appreciative of the luxury of living with doors and windows wide open.

The builder who designed, built and lived in the house that we now call our home knew all about these cross breezes that Australians were telling us about before we bought. We don't have any air-conditioning in our living areas, yet it stays relatively cool even in the sticky heat of Summer. 
The harsh western sun catches the side of the house that is least lived in - the garage, laundry, study.
Whilst the living area catches the lovely morning sun and daytime breezes.

 These are the doors that only slid open about a third of the way until a few months ago.
Now they picture frame the outside table.
This area around the back of the house is shaded, and from about 3pm (perfect for after school)
the pool is also in the shade having been warmed during the day - ingenious!

 Another open door from the back laundry

I might be getting a little over the top with my love for doors as these are the new doors that have just replaced the windows in the guest room. Can't wait for the next visit from the parents to experience the light and the fresh air flowing into the room. Yes, I know the garden could do with a bit of a tidy....
but this is a post about open doors, not weeds!

These doors that connect the kitchen and a corner of the living room to the side deck are open almost all year round  The lattice has an insect screen behind it - an absolute life saver.

Which brings me onto the only downside to open doors in Queensland - those pesky flies and mosquitoes!
Oh, how I loathe them. I'm going to have to do something about getting fly screens I think. I'm not doing my lungs or the environment any good the rate that I burn those anti mossie green coils, and that's before I slather myself in insect repellent!
I haven't yet found any screening product that will not spoil the openness. So if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for screens that will do the job with french doors I will be very happy.

So there you go, a glimpse of what I consider a luxury of open doors.

And just to satisfy my mother...I do shut everything up when I leave the house!

So mind the step as you go out...and that stray shoe that always appears to be there.
Please leave the door open...

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11 Comments and thoughts:

  1. When I first started reading this Beth I thought to myself you must be one of the lucky few that doesn't have to contend with flies and the like :)
    It's the one thing I miss about home (NZ) having everything open to allow the breeze in and not having to worry about pests.
    You have such a gorgeous space :)

  2. I live in an old QLD house too and love the outdoors and understand about those mosquitoes. You have a lovely blog here so glad I found you I'm now following if you get a minute come and visit me in my world hope you have a wonderful day.

    Always Wendy

  3. hahaha, girl you make me laugh! please leave the door open, yep, I'm officially green with envy now, LOVE your house, great to have a peek and those glass doorknobs are great too! Thanks Beth for taking part next week, hopefully I know how to set it up properly.... enjoy the rest of the week, (Friday I'm off shopping in Manchester!)
    Talk soon! Maureen x

  4. Morning Beth- from south o'the Dales in Yorkshire!

    I love your open doors through out...this is one of the things I am most looking forward to when we return home- a constant breeze of fresh air!!

    If I had a laundry with doors onto that magic little spot I dare say I wouldn't have a single dirty garment in the those make doing the boring chore of washing sooooo much more pleasant.

    Your house looks totally lovely and the only recommendation I have for mosi's is that I send my gorgeous husband over to sit in those chairs- NO body is loved by mosi's more than he...

    He is my repellent- I only get bitten when he is NOT around- maybe it's the Welsh blood in him!!!

    Melissa {Miss Sew & So}

  5. The garden and everything is absolutely perfect. It looks like a great place to relax and spend time with family and friends!

  6. Your home is beautiful Beth... love the leadlight in your front door and the side panes. We too have all the doors open at this time of year and the best thing we ever did was screen the entire front deck so our french doors can remain open at night and no mosquitoes can visit. gxo

  7. Beth its all looking really lovely, i too was worried about all the creepy crawlies coming in, although if we have the doors open I find all the chickens in the kitchen, which is lovely until they poop!! No door open here at the Mo, bitterly cold wind,up here worse than anywhere else!, and grey and foggy. Al & Wend xxxx

  8. You have a beautiful home and keep those doors and windows open :) Thanks for letting Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays in!

  9. I really like the way the house has been so thoughtfully and carefully designed to work in harmony with the climate and local conditions. Here, houses are just put up willy-nilly. No-one thinks in that way. Trees and hedges are chopped down, and then new ones replanted. Sites are not designed carefully at all. It's sad.

  10. WOW! What a gorgeous home you have, really enjoyed popping by for a tour of your beautiful space :o) Lovely to find your blog Beth. Looking forward to following along with your adventures from now on :o)

  11. I am at last catching up with my favourite blogs after completing the olive harvest. your home look just like the sort of place I would enjoy living in Beth. Flies and mosquitoes are also the bane of our life in the summer and we have screens on all the windows, but my husband would not have permanent fixtures on the doors for lots of reasons so we manage with curtains, which works most of the time.