Monday, 5 December 2011

A few days in Melbourne

I have left the sunny state and ventured a few hours south to Victoria for a few days. Melbourne is a short plane journey from Brisbane yet it's such a different city.

First of all it felt freezing when I landed. Well okay, not exactly freezing....just considerably colder. It's quite a jump from 27 to 15 degrees! Even though it's December and therefore Summer, people are still wearing boots and coats here. I have a feeling that my one and only packed cardigan will be well worn for the next few days!
Last night I went out for dinner in Federation Square and the restaurant had those gas heaters on - I wasn't expecting that.

I think Melbourne has quite a European feel to it and has some stunning architecture and buildings.

The city experienced tremendous growth during the Victorian gold rush from the 1850's onwards and the population swelled. This has continued and there are approximately 4 million people that now call the city home.

On one hand it appears to have maintained this great wealth with an array of top end designer shops, yet this evening I was asked for money by two rather disheveled individuals begging in the streets.

I don't necessarily venture into the city of Brisbane at night, but it does appear to go to sleep not long after the city commuters have left. Melbourne however is still bustling well into darkness. The streets are still busy, cafes are open and people are out and about. That's very European too.

So what else have I learnt about Melbourne?
Well, sport plays a big part in the life of Melburnians and everyone has a favourite team that they are passionate about - usually their local AFL team.
Black seems to be the colour of choice.
Women wear very high heels and men wear smart shoes that point up at the toes!
On a slightly more intellectual level - the city has the world's largest tram network, and is the second most populated city in Australia.

Even though Elton John and David Beckham are in town...I'm actually here to work. I have another full day tomorrow ending with dinner at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), so off to bed.

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  1. Hey Beth, thanks for that visit to my hometown...and yes it was a bit of a shock to us when we moved to QLD that everything shut down so early...restaurants, supermarkets...Yeppoon used to turn into a ghost town after 8pm. Melbourne has always had a very big restaurant scene...I wouldn't know about the clubs, I'd have to ask my kids! Have fun. Robx

  2. Have a great time in Melbourne, there is so much to explore there! I'm sure you'll find loads to do while you're visiting :) Melissa x

  3. Melbourne is a fabulous place to visit, I hope you get a chance to see more of it. ;-)

  4. Melbourne has been a city I have wanted to visit since arriving in Australia but more for the markets and culture than anything else :)

  5. So glad you love Melbourne - we love it too! Haven't been anywhere else in Oz, but give us a chance, we've only been here a year. Pity you didn't let us know you were coming...we could have met up at one of those "European" cafe's along the river for a coffee! Enjoy the rest of your trip. :)

  6. Oh paid a dweud hynny, Miriam yn symud yna diwedd Ionawr ac yn dredo tymhorau unwaith yn rhagor. Mae wedi cael ei spwylio byw mewn tymheredd cyson o 33 gradd ers 14 mlynedd! Roedd hi'n gwybod bod na 'Aeaf, ond os odi hi'n gwybod bod yr hafau yn oer hefyd bydd hynny'n rhoi'r caibosh ar bethau :) Huw yn gwneud gwaith gyda'r criced yn Ionawr yno hefyd. Byd yn fach!
    Joia xxx

  7. It was interesting to take a virtual tour of a different city with you Beth.

  8. That was very interesting.

    That was great !!!

    I am so jealous that i coudn't come.

    From sionedsibs xxxxxxxxxx