Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Some slithering companions

Oh, the joys of Summer in sub tropical Queensland.

Before you get envious of the brilliant blue skies and sunshine let me tell of some of the other 'joys'.

We are now sharing the Summer with a few more creepy crawly and slithery critters...

Each year, when the temperature starts to rise, out come the huntsman spiders,
 the cockroaches and the snakes. I can't believe that I now accept this as part of everyday life here.
I'm not saying that I accept it as in I like it, it's just that I know it happens!

This time of year we call in the pest man for his annual inspection for termites.
We live in a timber house and this is just part of the maintenance to protect ourselves from our home being potentially eaten and turned to dust by these horrors. At the same time as the inspection, the pest man will spray our place with magic stuff to keep the spiders and the cockroaches out...what a hero!

This magic dust however doesn't protect us from all the unpleasant creatures...

Last week there were some workmen here doing some electrical stuff outside
and after a little while there was a cry of -

"Hmm, Beth -  we have a bit of a snake issue here!"

"Snake issue? ..... How big a snake issue?"

It appeared that a whip snake had decided to have a snooze under the bbq
where the electrician was connecting some power.

He thought it was a piece of rope and got the shock of his life when the 'rope' moved!

I stayed a safe distance away to weigh up the situation and offer my 'expert advice'!!

The young apprentice electrician then did what you shouldn't do and proceeded to bash and stab at said whip snake with a shovel...hmm not too clever. Consequently Whip snake was not impressed with having his sleep interrupted and at this point it was a case of me getting well out of every one's way
- i.e.quick scarper indoors to watch out of the window.

In conclusion - the snake didn't win the battle with the shovel and was placed in a strong plastic bag.
Now don't read the next bit if you are squeamish about snakes...

The plastic bag continued to move for quite some time! I know, disgusting isn't it?
Even though the poor snake was in a few bits - each little bit moved!
Yuck! or as we would say in Wales - "ych y fi, mochyn du, rhedeg lawr i ty mamgu!"

Then a couple of days after the snake incident Sibs spotted a blue tongue lizard in the garden.
They look remarkably like snakes until you take a second glance and notice that they have little legs.

 Blue Tongue lizards are not dangerous and this one was a bit of a baby
even though it is putting on its sternest 'don't mess with me' face!

We just watched it for a little while and let it go its own way.

 A bit of  a reminder to be aware of what could be lurking in the back yard during the warmer months.

7 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Yikes Beth! Even reading about this in our winter wonderland scene here made me shiver...I love to go to Oz but snakes are not appealing, not at all....Thanks for sharing this!
    Maureen xx

  2. Oh! I have no words but "Oh!" xx

  3. Oh I don't miss the cockroaches one bit! We lived in a bushy area of Ferny Hills for 4 years and not once did we see a snake at our house, much to Hans' disappointment, I think he was dying to tell all his friends and relatives that he lived in a snake-infested house in Australia! My Dad is a snake-catcher in FNQ, he has many many tales to tell (pythons eyeing off newborn babies in their cots kind of thing....) Eeeeeek!
    Hope your Blue Tongue hangs around and eats some of the spiders for you! x

  4. Don't do snakes at all Beth, that would of had me running for the hills!! We have plenty spiders and mice but they don't want to eat you!! All this wet english weather sent the mice in to keep warm!! Have great Xmas, will try and ring, Al & Wend xxxx

  5. I'm thinking, next time you find a little christmas critter, call out a taxidermist as well, then when next christmas comes along, you can create fantastic xmas decorations like whipsnake tinsel, spidery snowflakes,etc. You know it makes sense x

    dolig llawen beth x

  6. Eeek! I dislike snakes greatly! Can handle the blue tongue lizards but the snakes. No thanks!

  7. Oh Beth, the snake just needed a bright red bow around it's neck....hmm, I think I agree with...' ych yi fi'...somehow even without the translation I think I would have got it! I remember the pest man was my best friend when I lived in Yeppoon! Have a lovely Christmas..I look forward to seeing more hilarious stories next year! Stay cool. Robx