Monday, 23 January 2012

It's the little things...

This morning was the first day back at school and it started at about 6am with Sibs chatting to her cats about what she was going to wear for her first day back.
Okay, it was a bit early but at least she was excited and getting herself ready.

I managed to drag myself out of bed and into the routine of pack up lunch duty whilst ensuring that breakfast was eaten and cleared.

All was going to plan...

The school bag was already packed, the pile of books and stationery was in another bag, teeth and hair had been brushed, school hat was waiting.

The only thing left to do was get her shoes on...

"They're too small!"

"What do you mean they're too small - we tried them on two weeks ago to check, they can't be too small!"

"Well I must have grown in two weeks!"

(I could almost believe this as I saw her standing there)

I was in no mood for any drama so I calmly suggested that she wears her trainers/joggers and we would sort the shoes out this afternoon.
A few minutes later a wobbly lipped Sibs comes into the kitchen.

"I can't find my trainers, and this is now the worst day ever! I don't have anything to wear on my feet, I'm going to be late for my first day, and there won't be anywhere for me to sit!"

Que my best counselling voice, and I eventually persuaded her that she was feeling a bit funny in closed in shoes as she had spent the last two months in bare feet or open sandals.

A quick stop for the obligatory first day back at school photo and off we went.

She was trying so hard to keep it all together whilst constantly checking the time. We made it to school with about five minutes to spare (not the leisurely twenty that we had planned). We rushed up the stairs, she found a place to hang her enormous back pack and entered the classroom with her books and pencil case.

I smiled and made small talk with the parents and turned around to make sure that she was okay and to wave goodbye.



In our hurry we had made our way to the wrong classroom - hers was down the corridor.
The first bell buzzed in our ears and my heart sunk for her.

There was no-where to put her back back, the classroom looked full....then out of the corner of my eye I spotted her friend...

"Sibs over here - I've saved you a seat."

I could have cried.

She beamed and ran to the vacant seat just as the teacher said "Good morning Year 5."

I waited just out of sight of the teacher until I got the thumbs up sign from my girl.
It was going to be okay.

As I walked home I couldn't stop thinking about that small, simple gesture of her friend saving a seat.

It's sometimes the little things that can mean so much.

9 Comments and thoughts:

  1. How kind of her friend to save her a seat and save the day.

    You are so right it is the little things that matter.
    Wishing you a great week

    Helen xx

  2. Phew! That's normally how our days go... all looks well until disaster strikes. I'm pleased it was a happy ending... gxo

  3. Oh I have goosebumps reading this. It sounds like you were so organized and yet everything went against you. I'm so happy that her friend kept her a seat. Such a simple gesture and yet one that made the whole day ok!

  4. hello Beth

    I've found you via Suzanne's blog Privet & Holly!

    I've just become your newest follower and I hope you'll come and visit me across the sea.

    I loved your story of Sibs first day back at school - what mother hasn't had first days just like that!
    It was beautifully told and I felt so happy for you both it all worked out well in the end!
    School days can be stressful for both mother and child - we just want them to be happy!

    Shane in New Zealand

  5. First day back is such big day for everyone, children, teachers and mums and dads.... thank goodness for good friends! Tomorrow will be a breeze now! X

  6. Oh God, memories, daughter used to regularly to a 'Linda Blair'...her head would do a 360' on her shoulders if something went wrong on a school morning...I remember many frazzled, stressful rides to school...I think I nearly ran over Josh one morning...tried to drive off before he was completely out of the car, I was just so stressed! Thank god those morning are more or less over...Dan just grunts at me in the morning...I drive him to school a bit earlier for breakfast club...then take off as fast as I can!! Thank god for Sibs' friend...Robx

  7. Aww! That first day back is always a bit hectic isn't it! Have a great week, love Linda x

  8. Amazing how a small,
    sweet gesture can make
    a BIG difference. The
    first day is always full
    of butterflies in the tummy,
    but I bet she came home
    full of enthusiasm and
    stories! Thanks for sharing
    this precious, important
    morning with us and linking
    it to Monday Moments, Beth.

    xx Suzanne